How to Get Her Out on the Town

Written by Andy Glibert
6 · 05 · 18
How to Get Her Out on the Town - Tips for Couples

Tired of being viewed as “that” couple to all of your friends?  You know the one I’m talking about.  The couple that never comes out to parties, and promises to show up every time but bails with some lame excuse.  Well, Gentlemen, we’re here to help! While cuddling up with your girl and watching a movie may be fun and adorable every now and then, almost anything can get old unless you spice it up.  But what happens if she’s too tired for going out, or stressed from a long day at work? No need to worry, we got you covered with some steps sent from Alex Wise – a relationship coach and editor of Loveawake dating site. These tips to get her out the door gradually and willing to party.

How to Get Her Out

Step 1

Alright, so the first step in this process is taking her out to a movie.  Now, this isn’t what you want your end result to be, but it’s a step in the right direction.  While you both will still be alone together and watching a movie, it will get her used to the idea of actually going out on a Friday night rather than staying in.  This way, she can get accustomed to doing her hair, makeup, and pick a nice outfit (which all can be quite stressful after a long week of work/classes).

The next step in this process is planning a fun night in advance.  The one thing a girl dreads hearing after a long day of work and dreaming of her comfy pajama pants is that she has to attend some type of “event”.  Do yourself a favor and let her know earlier in the week and that way she can plan accordingly.

Step 2

Now that you have her out of that “Thank goodness it’s Friday, I can’t wait to crawl up into my bed” mindset, you can start doing little things that will have her looking forward to a night out on the town.  For instance, let her invite her best friend out with the two of you.  Sure it’s not a hot date but it will give her someone she can people watch in case she’s not comfortable with the crowd or scene.

This works great when you are meeting up your old friends and she doesn’t know a lot of them.  You’ll get to hang with the fellas and she’ll get to hang with her best friend.  And you never know…maybe, just maybe… her friend will hit it off with one of your friends (which almost guarantees a double date with your boy and her friend).

One thing that is often overlooked by guys when they want to get her out of the house is picking a good place to go.  Naturally, she’s not going to be happy about hanging at the sports bar with your guy friends.  She’s also not going to be excited about a double date with your friend and his evil girlfriend that she’ll be forced to play nice with. Pick a place you know she’ll have a good time at and enjoy the crowd. She’ll feel more comfortable and won’t be so down on the idea of going out next time you plan something.

At the end of the day, you need to figure out how you and she can find a good medium between going out and staying in.  Some people are natural homebodies and you’re never going to change that.  If she happens to be one then you need to decide if she’s the right girl for your lifestyle.

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