How to Find Out More about Your Crush?

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How to Find Out More about Your Crush_ - LifestyleGlitz

When you are in love, you want to know more and more about your crush. That is why you stalk them and try to get all the details about them. Many people also try to approach and ask for a date directly. Therefore, it is better to start slow and get to know more about your crush first. If you want to know more about your love, you can follow some simple steps, which will lead you to the better results. Therefore, here is a checklist that will guide you to know and find more about your crush at the same time.

How to Find Out More about Your Crush? - LifestyleGlitz

1.    Get to Know Their Virtual Presence:

If you both are total strangers and all you know about one another is the name, you can start with searching about them on the internet. A simple search on Google will lead you to their social media accounts as well as profile, so you do not have to do much. Just check out all the details as well as pictures on the social media. Not only will it help you get more knowledge effortlessly, but will consume less energy too.

•    Check Out Their Social Media:

You can get to know about them through the social media, what they are presenting on these sites, names and more details about your crush. It is the easiest and convenient way to know more information about your love.

•    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram:

Make sure you have checked all of these so that these profiles provide superior knowledge.

•    Snapchat:

Take your stalking to the next level and get to know more about your crush more. Get their Snapchat ID, and check, what are up to each day. In addition, you can show your day and stories so that they can even get interested in you.

2.    Know Them Personally:

The best way to know more about your crush is to know them in person. Usually, a person is different than they are on social media and that is why to know them personally is the right thing to do. Try to find a way, which will lead you to understand more about them. The best thing is you are already introduced. It will give a better chance to know each other as well as helps you in breaking the ice. While recognizing a complete Stanger can be relatively tricky especially when you are a shy person.

•    Connect with a Mutual Friend:

You can start the conversation or introduction through a mutual friend, relative, or a colleague. It provides better chances to get to know more about each other and events where you can meet. Also, it makes it easier for you to know more about your crush through the mutual as they can tell you some insight into their personality, likings, and routine which is harder to find on social media.

•    Become Friends:

The best way to know more about your crush is to become friends with them, start slow and show interest but never overdo or look too desperate. Building a good and positive relationship with your crush is essential. Once you become good friends, your crush will tell more about him/her.

•    Get to Know Your Common Interest:

There are many things, which you and your crush can have in common such as any hobby, sports, movie, book, or activity. A shared interest can connect you both as well as develop a good and positive bonding between you two.

•    Be a Good Listener:

Many times, you are not listing carefully and miss out valuable information about your crush. Just becoming a good listener can help you in collecting more details. Your crush will tell you more when you listen carefully.

•    Keep an Eye:

Just become more focus on the small things, which your crush does and like, it will help you know more about him/her.

3.    Get the Essential Details about Your Crush:

As much as to know more about them, it is necessary for you to know more about their features. It is good to see more and have complete knowledge about them as well as provide you better options to make right decisions on right time.

•    Know Their Address:

You should know their address, where they live and the neighborhood so in case you want to contact and visit them, you do not have to wait longer.

•    Get the Number:

It’s better to get the number from them directly; it will be easier to contact them as well as doesn’t look weird. But in case you can get it from anywhere else, and you want to get in touch. Send a message and break the ice, it can be a beneficial step for interacting with him/her.

•    Where Do They Work and Professional Details:

If you want complete information, then do not miss out the essential thing, such as where they work and about their profession. Their job and work details will help you know more about their career as well as personality.

•    School or College They Are Attending/Attended:

Ask your crush or check on the social media where they have attended colleges and schools. You can check their class and batch mates for a common link and their educational background.

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