How to Deal with Damage from Dirty Fuel – Infographic

Written by Aara Jones
1 · 08 · 19
How to Deal with Damage from Dirty Fuel – Infographic

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Competition between gas stations is fierce, with such service providers consistently attempting to undercut each other’s prices so that they offer the cheapest (and possibly the most attractive) to motorists. However, cut-price fuel can sometimes be a case of getting what you’ve paid for. If a gas station is offering a discernibly lower price for fuel than its competitors are, there could be a notable reason why – the fuel they’re selling may be of dubious quality – dirty fuel.

Speak to any motorist who has had their car spoiled by contaminated fuel and they will tell you that it’s not an experience they’ll want to go through again. If you’re lucky, you might merely encounter spells of shakiness from the car after putting dirty fuel into it. Some motorists have seen their cars’ engines fail completely after filling up on dirty gas. All it takes is a small bit of kerosene or even water to wreak havoc with your engine.

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What You Can Do About Dirty Fuel

If your car is giving trouble and you think it may be linked to contaminated fuel, make it known to the station that you believe to be responsible (for this reason, always keep records of any fuel transactions you make). There’s a good chance that they’ll refute your accusation out of hand, in which case you should go to your mechanic with a sample of the fuel so that they can analyze it.

If your suspicions prove correct, you could take a case against the gas station, now that you have evidence of contaminated fuel. At this point, they’ll most likely reimburse any expenses you accrued so that the matter will be settled, but if they’re totally playing hardball, it’s time to get the consumer watchdog on the case.

The guys at Woodstock Motors created an infographic on what you should do if you believe you’ve filled up on dirty fuel. By acting sensibly and quickly, you could limit the amount of damage done to your car, so these tips are well worth checking out.

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