Nurol Makina NMS Review

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Nurol Makina NMS Review

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Launched in Turkey in 2017 at the International Defence Industry Fair (IDIF), this is one of its good armored vehicles. It is manufactured by the Nurol Makina.

Main Features:

  • Anti-tank and Anti-air defense system present.
  • It can be customized into 3 different types of vehicles depending upon the need.
  • Scout vehicle, a personnel carrier and an air defence system.


The NMS is powered by a 6.1-liter V8 engine which produces a 300 horsepower and torque of nearly 813Nm. This powerful vehicle can gain the maximum speed of 140km/hr and maximum range of 700 km without any mid supplies. This amazing armored vehicle can deal with the shallow depth of 0.8m and side slopes of 40%, 0.9 m wide trenches.

The front and rear end have independent expansions. This car features an excellent low center of gravity.

Outside Body:

The outside body of the NMS is very extraordinary. The huge built has all the necessaries needed for an armored truck readily available in it. It has the engine in the front, crew cabin in the center and the troop section in the end.

The four-wheel drive has an independent chassis which contributes to the flexibility and strength in the movement of the NMS. It is considered a light weighted armored vehicle because it weighs around 10,000kg.

Inside of The Vehicle:

It allows up to 9 people to comfortably get seated in it. The three-section inside is divided by hull. There is a total of two doors on each side of the vehicle for easy in and out of the people.

  • The front and the rear hull have a camera installed in them.
  • It also has night visibility ability.
  • The thermal imaging system is also present which contributes a lot to the night vision.
  • It also includes the GPS system and advanced tracking system.

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