How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Like a Pro

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
7 · 04 · 18
How to Clean the Inside of Your Car Like a Pro

How to clean the inside of your car? This is the question, which comes to your mind whenever you think of cleaning your car all by yourself instead of going to a car wash station. Here is the complete guide that will give your car interior cleaning tips.

How to clean the inside of your car at home?

Lifestyle Glitz - How to clean the inside of your carWhen you about to clean your car for its protection, you have to think beyond waxing and washing. You can use some Do It Yourself (DIY) car wash tricks to protect your vehicle from big brushes. Washing and waxing is a better idea to keep the car look shiny. Consider the following car interior cleaning tips:

1. Monitor the state of your car

Monitoring the state of your car will help you to have an idea of how you should clean it. A brand new vehicle that has wax may only need a bath or a wax for maintenance. Nevertheless, a vehicle, which has ignored the exterior needs thorough cleaning and polishing. Before you decide how to clean the inside of your car, inspect your car.

2.  Read the tag or label

Before using any type of substance for washing the car, it is necessary to read the tag. The difference in the method to apply wax or soap depends upon the car and its brand. It is a bad idea to use an extremely acidic wheel-cleaning product on aluminum wheel surface. Keep the bundles of best microfiber clothes for windows, and wheels. Clean the washing towels and other cleaning stuff after every use.

3. Washing your vehicle

All the pollutants such as dirt, dust, and trash will remove from the surface of the car by washing the vehicle. Always try to use a vehicle washing soap to clean or wash your car and never apply dishwashers and liquid cleaners. They will destroy the shine of paint and peel off wax.

4. Use of polish for extra gloss

Applying polish to your car is like using lotion on your bare skin. Applying polish is optional to give your car extra shine. Apply polish with your hands or you can use a dual-action polisher.

5. Work on the surface

When you finish washing your car, scratches become quite visible. A compound paint can clean scratches. Apply the compound by using dual-action polisher or an applicator pad. Sometimes a compound paint needs to be applied 3 to 4 times to get rid of the scratches. Sometimes, only paint touch-up only removes deep scratches.

How to begin cleaning your car?

It can be quite confusing to decide where to begin and how to clean the inside of your car. Here is a recommendation on the steps to follow:

·         Floor mats

Floor mats and carpets are always the dirtiest. So start with them. Before you start, clean all excess material like papers, coins and other objects, which have accumulated beneath the mats. Shake the mats to get rid of the dust. If you are not satisfied with just shaking, use a stiff brush for cleaning. The vacuum’s hose nozzle can clean dirt from the grooves. When done removing dirt from mats, wash them with water. You can use detergent for washing. Steam vacuuming can clean carpets. Do not make the carpet wet, this will allow the fungus to grow.

·         Seats

Car seats are made of either leather, cloth, upholstery or vinyl. Each of this material requires a different method of cleaning. Before applying cleaning compound to your seats, give them thorough vacuuming to get rid of the dirt. Dirt sticks to the surface of leather, giving the leather a dirty shade. A magical cleaning product for leather will take care of this issue. Spray the cleaning products directly on the seats and rub it with a towel. Once the seats are dry, wipe them with a microfiber cloth. When done drying, apply the leather conditioner.

Vinyl seats are easier to take care of as compared to leather seats. Their cleaning process is easy and quick. Glass cleaners can also do the job of cleaning. Spray the cleaner on the seats and wipe using a rag. After an hour, you are free to take your ride.

·         Mirrors and windows

A microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning glass surfaces. It can do wonders. Be very cautious if you have tinted windows. Cleaning products that have ammonia damage the tinting. When you are cleaning car mirrors, never spray cleaner on the glass directly instead spray it on the cloth to avoid streaking. Spray drops can also damage other parts when you spray directly on glass. Roll your windows down and give it a slow wipe. To avoid streaking, clean the exterior glass side horizontally, and clean the interior surface with vertical hand movement.

·         Dashboard

No matter what material (vinyl, leather or any other material) is your dashboard made of, it is the most difficult part to clean. A windscreen can prove to be a hindrance in its cleaning. Before you apply a cleaning product, vacuum it to get rid of the dust. Make sure it reaches every corner. To prevent it from cracking, apply interior dressing.

·         Console

The console contains many buttons that make it difficult and tricky to clean. Dust sticks in the cracks and corners. Here is a car interior cleaning hack. Wrap a cloth on a flat head screwdriver. The trick is to use a thin cloth to avoid making screw head bulky. It will allow cleaning from corners and edges.

·         Air vent

A soft, bristle brush helps to clean vent grills. Use of proper tool makes the job easy. Use a compressed air to fire air into the grill to wipe off dust. Compressed air containers are easily available online.

·         Door panels

Not many articles about how to clean the inside of your car offer this little tip. We are with a quick tip. The material used in door panels are similar to the seats, dashboard, or upholstery. Some door panels also have cup holders. Such areas require thorough cleaning.

·         Clean air

If you smoke in your car or you travel with your pet, you might face the issue of bad odors after some time. Always hang an air freshener in your car and after every car cleaning session, spray air freshener to give a fresh smell to your car.

Follow this guide on how to clean the inside of your car and have fun with your car. Clean the interior of your car at least once a month.

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