Here’s How You Can Survive Oktoberfest in Munich

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Here’s How You Can Survive Oktoberfest in Munich

Oktoberfest stands out as one of the most quintessential travel experiences for those who love to enjoy beer. The event is such an exciting one that attracts travelers from all corners of the globe, who descend onto Munich every year. The massive fame of Oktoberfest calls for the huge demand for beer, accommodation, pretzels, transportation, and classic or traditional lederhosen in lederhosen store. All these details drive up the costs of Oktoberfest, making it an expensive festival to attend.

However, if you plan it well, then you can survive Oktoberfest without worrying about breaking the bank! There are several ways you can cut the costs, yet still have an amazing Oktoberfest. Here are some tips to help you survive Oktoberfest.

Your Lederhosen Should Be Authentic Leather

When you translate the German word “leder,” this means “leather” and you should know that good quality lederhosen consists of soft hide that runs for a good sum of money. However, the sad part is that so many people are not aware of what authentic leather should be like. Today, when you explore stores for the best quality Lederhosen for Sale, you may end up buying one made out of normal fabric and not the real deal. Keep in mind that if you wear a fake costume during the festival, you will end up receiving several unwelcoming, compliments. What’s worse than that?

Wear the Right Shoes

Yes, if you end up wearing odd shoes, for example, if you wear sneakers with your lederhosen, that’s going to be an unwelcoming sight. You should stay away from flip-flops, and only consider wearing Bavarian shoes. These feature side laces, intricate embroideries and often available in brown or dark colors. When you explore stores, you can ask them for the best, select one that matches your lederhosen costume. Sometimes, stores sell these all together, so make sure that you first survey your options.

Go Midweek

You should avoid attending the festival in the opening and closing weekend. This is the time or peak period when the prices soar, and queues for the tent all start. It is best that you consider attending the festival in the midweek, or go to it after two days and spend the weekend there.

Stay Close to the Station

When attending Oktoberfest, you don’t want to have a tough time negotiating for cabs or the best means of transportation. You have to make sure that you can easily access trains or cabs and not have to worry about walking a long distance to catch a ride. Look for a hotel that is closer to the train station, but it should not be too central.

Are You Wearing a Dirndl? The Bow Has to Be Right!

For women, the dirndl costume stands out as the best choice; especially because of the sexy appearance, it gives the figure. It is also important that you tie the apron bow correctly. You should know that tying the knot on the right means that you are in a relationship and unavailable, the left means you are single, and all set to mingle, and the middle clearly shows that you are a virgin!

Bring Enough Cash

Keep in mind that when you attend Oktoberfest, you have to indulge in fun and lots of beer, so you need to keep enough cash with you. Since you will need lots of beer, you will have to reserve a table and have vouchers for the minimum amount to spend. Make sure that you stock up enough cash, and don’t forget to give some tip to waiters for the best services!

Surviving Oktoberfest is all about staying well equipped before time and ensuring that you stock up enough money with you for the best experience. Wear the right costume, blend in like the locals, and yes, you will have a memorable experience!

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