Getting Your Tickets To Hamilton- Tips To Follow

Ever since the release of Hamilton, it has been a dream come true for any Hamilton fan to get a treasured ticket to watch the show. It is indeed a privilege to be part of the audience to the most popular show. This Tony Award securing musical is a must-watch for all theatre lovers. Now the hardest fact to accept is that it is almost impossible to get a ticket, especially at your desired/convenient time.

Don’t despair, however. Today we are about to give you certain tips that will help you play the game right and go watch the performance in style. First of all, you need to be sure that you are ahead of the game. And how do you do that? Check out the following options to secure those tickets well in advance:

Check the official ticket website

Check for verified fan programs as this is the best option. They will pay the full price for the tickets. Visit the official site and check out the availability. There are even resale options that could turn lucky for you.

Enter the Digital Lottery.

This is the easiest way to enter the show. The lotteries are taken digitally for seven out of the 8 shows staged weekly. Visit the official website or download the App. Then check out the lottery and start participating. You could win up to 2 tickets for a single entry. Why waste an opportunity? Get online now and start participating.

Grab a chance to watch it in other cities next to you.

 If you miss the show in New York, you can always catch them in other cities. You can check this site to get detailed information about the cities they are planning to stage the shows.  Be sure to get the tour dates of the team and plan. 

Check out the cancellation lines

Some unfortunate people do cancel their tickets. However, this could be an opportunity for you. Wait and check out the cancellation lines to see if you have a chance to get those canceled tickets. The main point is to watch the show, so have patience and wait to try your luck.

The other available options you have are: 

  • Make donations for the fundraising activities where they offer tickets.
  • Through Care-tix programs
  • Participate in the  TDF Raffle

Stay updated about all the ticket announcements related to Hamilton. You have to keep checking:

  • The official Hamilton app for updates of shows, timings of lottery drawings and places of release
  • Check different websites to know when the tickets are on sale if there are any offers or discounts available.
  • Stay on track of ticket offers and related announcements in magazines and newspapers.  The Internet is another media where you get the latest updates.
  • Finally, the Hamilton tour diary to know the dates they play in cities near you 

Where there is a will, there most certainly will be a way to get the tickets. So keep on trying until you succeed and enjoy the play.

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