Five Must-Try Summer Food Trends for 2017

Written by Aara Jones
7 · 16 · 17
Food Trends for 2017 - Five Must-Try Summer Recipes

Is summer already here? Well, almost, and we’ve got just enough time to pick some very useful tips. We need tips to keep our bodies healthy and beautiful during the hot season. From vegan delights to detox drinks, this summer let’s take the healthy route. Read five amazing 2017 summer food trends to follow this summer.

1. Nothing Ugly about Some Food Trends

It’s high time to become sympathetic towards ugly produce. That’s right. Ugly produce is one of the top 2017 summer food trends bound to become a hit with producers and consumers alike. Ugly produce is the deformed or misshapen produce that people often toss into the dump. What we don’t realize is that these vegetables and fruits can be as healthy and flavorful, in addition to being cheaper than their picture-perfect counterparts are.

2. Vegan Is In

Last year we witnessed a big surge in the popularity of vegan foods. Cauliflower was one of the most loved food trends of 2016, with other vegan options following. This summer also we are bound to see more vegan foods and farm-grown foods increase in popularity. Seafood is not likely to be far off. Sea vegetables are another popular food trend to try out this summer. Seaweed is not strictly for Japanese sushi anymore and is part of the mainstream cuisine. Crushed seaweed has now become a healthier salt option for health enthusiasts everywhere.

3. Notch up Your Detox Game

Green teas instead of caffeinated drinks, turmeric shots instead of cocktails—detox drinks are booming in popularity. Following the current detox trend, give your complete body a deep cleanse this summer with charcoal-activated water. On the other hand, get a lemon and turmeric shot to give your immune system a nice boost. If you’re fond of coffee, a neat tip to try this summer is the ‘golden’ drink or turmeric latte–a unique combination of nut milk and turmeric juice. Non-alcoholic food trends including mocktails and cold-pressed juices will continue to dominate the summer food scene.

4. Food Trends with Buddha Bowls

For adding more variety to your summer meals, Buddha bowls are an absolute must! Buddha bowls are amazingly simple to make because you can find all the ingredients right in your pantry. Also known as hippie bowls or macro bowls, these colorful bowls are made by mixing up vegetables, proteins, and a variety of healthy grains and seeds—anything that’s readily available in your kitchen. You can even play around with different sauces and dressings to design a scrumptious Buddha bowl for yourself.

5. Nature’s Bliss

Seasonal is the way to go this summer. With the hot months just around the corner, now is the right time to bring these food trends to your meals with seasonal flowers and fruits. Adding edible flowers to herbal teas is a great way to get a new aromatic kick. Alternatively, you could simply use them as a garnish on summer drinks. Blueberries are huge these days, so why not glaze up your next Sunday roast with a savory blueberry sauce.

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