Why Do Fathers always Hate their Daughters’ Boyfriend?

Written by Aara Jones
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Why Do Fathers always Hate their Daughters' Boyfriend

Men dating girls, who’ve finally decided to tie the knot must face the most fearsome moment of their lives – meeting their father in-law. While people don’t quite say it out, men know that the girl’s father will hate him for being her boyfriend. Let’s get into this to know why. 

Reason 1: He Doesn’t Think You (the boyfriend) Qualify as a Better Protector (of his daughter) Than He Has Been 

For men, their families are all about protecting them, making them feel safe, providing food and shelter. When the father meets his contender, a man his daughter chooses, he concludes that she doesn’t know what’s right. To prove this, he makes a critical analysis of you and rejects you before you can even defend yourself as the man in her life. 

Reason 2: He Doesn’t Like Your Scent 

Have you ever seen two beasts in a fight? They first sniff each other, and no matter how much of Axe Effect you use, you cannot fool him. He will see right through your cover and detect your nervousness and he will attack you. 

Reason 3: He Won’t Go Down Easily 

He has spent his entire life getting her unconditional love and respect as her father, her hero. Giving you that place won’t be easy for him, and he must make sure that you deserve it. After you come into her life, things have changed. She talks less to him and spends more time talking about you, her boyfriend. She talks to you more than him. Moreover, he has associated certain smells with her all his life, and after you become part of her life, that new smell has ticked him off badly. He’s not going down easily. The best you can do is admit that you cannot win! 

Reason 4: He Sees His Failures in You 

While he has tried too hard all his life to remain her hero, there have been times when he failed. He is not perfect, but then you, the uninvited boyfriend, have everything he did not have. You remind him of his weaknesses and failures. Expecting the meeting to be pleasant will never be easy, especially in the first few days after officially making your place in her life. 

Reason 5: You Just Cannot Win the Battle against Him 

Some men just don’t get it! Trying too hard to impress the dad by bragging about your achievements or success stories will only make the battle tougher. Admit that you mean no competition by supporting him instead. If you make this meeting all about showing off, he will assume you are insulting him to impress her. That would never go too well! 

Good News for Boyfriends 

Focus on the good news; she is ready to spend the rest of her life with you. Not every other thing has to mean anything. It has to be about you and your girl, and your lives together. Stay focused on being the man she loves and the perfect boyfriend. 

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