How Far in Advance Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

Written by Andy Glibert
2 · 01 · 18
How Far in Advance Should You Start Planning Your Wedding?

Couples seem to be arranging their weddings earlier and earlier as each year goes by. But exactly how far in advance should you actually start planning your wedding?

Ask ten people this question and you’ll probably get ten different answers. But it’s generally accepted that you should be getting things sorted at least a year, if not 18 months before the big day rolls around.

However, some couples will start getting the wheels in motion two years or even further in advance. And some brave souls will leave it until there are only a few weeks to go. But there’s no real right or wrong way to go about it. As long as you don’t leave it too last minute!

Of course, a lot will depend on your own personal circumstances. For example, if you’re only getting married at the local church down the road, then it’s going to take a lot less planning than if you’re jetting off the Caribbean.

As soon as you have a decent idea of when and where you want to tie the knot, it’s best to get going as early as possible. But use some common sense, as most venues and planners probably won’t want to be dealing with weddings, which are much farther than two years away, unless it’s a really exclusive venue.

But it’s not just the venue that you’ll need to start planning. You have to worry about everything else, including the guest list, entertainment, food, and of course, the dress.

That’s not even getting started on all the little things which only become apparent once you get going. (Here are some of the most common things that people forget!).

And while it might not be something you want to think about, many couples might not still be together that far in advance!

While it’s important to think about what you and your significant other want, it’s also important to take the needs of your guests into consideration.

If you’re going to be having a destination wedding, ideally they need to know about it at least a year in advance. But even if you’re getting married at home, you’re still probably going to have guests traveling from around the country.

Guests like to know exactly what the plan is so that they can figure out whether they’ll be able to attend or whether they need to save up some holiday hours at work.

We spoke to the spokesperson of Lake District Country Hotels, a popular wedding venue up in the Lakes. He said: “We’re usually booked up at least six months, if not a year in advance, so we definitely recommend starting planning at least a year in advance, even if it’s just to start sounding out potential venues.”

Ultimately, the decision is up to you as a couple. If you’re happy to try and get everything sorted at the last minute, then that’s totally up to you. But there are quite a few reasons why it pays to get things sorted sooner rather than later.

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