3 Fantastic Extras For Your Big Day

Written by Andy Glibert
2 · 01 · 18
3 Fantastic Extras For Your Big Day _ Lifestyle Glitz

When planning a wedding, couples enjoy having those little extras that set their special day apart from the rest. From personalized wedding favors to fun little extras for your guests and yourself to enjoy, there are so many brilliant little extras you can do to make your day that little bit more special!

When choosing extras for your wedding it’s important to keep in mind the theme and style of your wedding, as well as your personal tastes. If you’re opting for an outdoor wedding it’s crucial to keep guests warm and any extra, fun ways, to light up the night is a great step forward. And if you’re going for a more traditional wedding, then maybe there’s little things you can do for your guests to take part in that make the day that bit more fun! Read ahead to find out three fantastic extras for your big day…

Light Up Letters

Light up letters are a lovely touch to your special day, whether you want to keep it simple with your initials or spell out the word love, light up letters not only do they add a little extra light they act as a great photo opportunity for all of your guests. Moreover, Light up lettering has become a popular wedding trend in the past few months, with celebrities also taking up the trend to light up their wedding!

Photo Booth

A photo booth at a wedding is a fantastic feature, both on the day and for the years after. Not only does it act as a fun thing for your guests to do, but it also means you all get fabulous and funny photographs to treasure forever. Kit the booth out with funny props, or maybe a whiteboard so all your guests can write you a personal message, and then enjoy the photographs that follow. You can even create a scrapbook or a collage using all the photos that were taken. What better way to remember your big day?

LED Dance Floor

Everyone knows that one of the best parts of a wedding is getting up and having a good dance with friends and family. So why not give them the best dance floor they have ever seen and get an LED dance floor! This adds a funky light to your wedding and also keeps the party going, acting as a fun way to get people on the dance floor. Similarly, this is a great photo opportunity and will really set your wedding apart from anyone else’s. A great little extra is to provide a song request on everyone’s invitation, that way every one coming gets to request their favorite song and dance to it on a funky dance floor, what more could you want?!

Whether you go for light up letters or a funky disco floor, your guests are sure to love wedding because it’s about two people coming together in happiness.

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