How to Have an Intimate, Small and Memorable Wedding

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How to Have an Intimate, Small and Memorable Wedding

Most people argue that when it comes to wedding celebrations, the size of the event matters a lot. This means one must bring into account the number of guests, the location, and space. Having just a few people could mean a more intimate celebration. It gives many couples (the bride and the groom) more time to spend with their guests; they get to know one another and encourage everyone to contribute to the event in their own distinctive way. If you are planning to hire wedding reception decorators for an intimate memorable wedding celebration, rest assured that it comes with certain advantages.

Some Advantages of a Small Memorable Wedding

Save Money:

These days, hosting a memorable wedding could mean organizing very expensive events; however, keeping a smaller guest list is one the smartest ways to whittle down the wedding cost. If you are working on a tight budget, cutting the number of guests can allow you to save on the catering bill. You should know this is one of the highest bills in your wedding expense. In addition to the catering, you will need fewer tables, linens, favors, decorations and more. You will spend less and still have a roomy budget.

More Options in the Venue:

A grand and memorable wedding will require a grand venue. When you plan an intimate wedding, you will get some good flexibility when it comes to the space of the event, including less traditional options. You can consult experts such as the ones at Let’s Celebrate Events on the best location to choose. It could be a museum, an art gallery, on a yacht, a cozy restaurant, or any of your favorite destinations. Most venues traditionally host larger weddings, but have spaces available for smaller celebrations; you can discuss with your wedding planners and choose a better location.

More Quality Time:

You should think of all the grand weddings, a large venue means you as the bride and group would have to walk around the tables to greet all your guests. In the end, this can be an exhausting task for newlyweds. On the other hand, an intimate venue would allow your guests to spend more time with their family and other guests. It enables couples to interact with others on a more intimate level and really share their day with them.

Tips for a Small Wedding Reception

#1-Give Your Guests a Special Treatment:

Note that a small but memorable wedding will you the chance to explore some aspects. Your guests could stay at a luxury hotel, and rehearsals that are more elaborate could take place together. A small event means that other extra details become easier to manage.  These include providing laden gift baskets, limousine services, and six-course meals for your guests become easier.

#2-Pay Attention to Details:

when couples plan a small budget wedding, they will want to hire a wedding consultant. However, simpler and smaller means that guests will surely pay attention to all details. If your venue has any flaw, it simply means there is no hiding behind the crowd. So, you have to ensure that every detail including the paint, decor, floral arrangements and more are on point.

#3-Make the Event Entertaining:

The best part of having a smaller event means that fewer people would be on the scene. This means it would be easier to get everyone into the event somehow. Depending on how small the event, you can have people read a line of special prayer at the ceremony or have them encircle and stand as you exchange your vows. Have special entertainment options such as live music, a photo booth, or have your guests take part in some fun games.

#4-Choose a Suitable Theme:

You should work with your event planners and be sure to choose the right theme. Go through their portfolio to see the number of events they work on, the decoration options they have, and other decoration options. Inclusive in your memorable wedding theme, you should make sure that your decorators touch other details such as the table setting, the seating arrangement and more.

#5-Make Sure the Food is great:

Another advantage of having an intimate and small memorable wedding is that you can have the best food within a small budget. With a small number of guests, you can have a smaller checklist, better time to organize suitable caterers and focus on other important details.

Hosting a small wedding actually comes with numerous advantages; you just have to weigh your options, and finally, choose the best event planners in town. With a small number of guests, you can choose to focus on other details such as the décor, the food, and much more.

As you can see, hosting an intimate, small wedding comes with a number of advantages, you should take your time to explore the options available, and have the best wedding caterers to pull off a small, yet spectacular memorable wedding in Atlanta.

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