Enjoy Oktoberfest with Stylish Traditional German Costumes!

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Enjoy Oktoberfest with Traditional German Costumes!

Oktoberfest is a large-scale celebration that takes place annually in the heart of Munich, the capital of Germany. It is a joyous 16-18 day festival celebrated in the last week of September to the start of October. Millions of people gather and enjoy their time wearing traditional German costumes. They consume beer, eating traditional foods and having fun at amusement rides, games, and side stalls.

A Bit About Trachtens

The word ‘Trachten’ is a term that refers to traditional German costumes that locals wear in German-speaking countries on festivals. Therefore, different types of stylish trachtens for men at the Oktoberfest form one of the basic elements of the celebration.

The word ‘tracht’ is the German word, but the original word ‘tragen’, means ‘to carry/wear/bear’. During Oktoberfest, you can observe massive amounts of foods, drinks, costumes, and festivities. However, all of this can be quite a new and tricky experience for foreigners traveling to Munich from all over the world, especially in terms of clothing.

Most people end up feeling awkward and out of the place if they wear normal dresses among a sea of people wearing traditional German costumes like tracht and drindl. The fact is that wearing German costumes is something locals appreciate, and it helps you to blend in like the locals since it is the major fun element in the whole celebration.

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Traditional German Costumes to Wear at Oktoberfest

Trachten for men consists of a button-up shirt, leather shorts along with suspenders, classic hat, jacket/waistcoat, sturdy shoes, and Alpine socks. All of these accessories are adjustable as per your own choice. Shirts come in the Bavarian style with short sleeves and solid checkered colors, either red or blue.

Men wear the traditional suspenders or the Hosenträger as a necessary tracht accessory, even if the shorts fit perfectly.

Talking about shoes, Bavarian men wear leather shoes (Haferlschuhe) which are a combination of a work boot and dress shoe. In addition, you should not forget wearing a traditional vest or a collarless jacket or a waistcoat to get a classy vibe. To get the complete look young men can add items like Charivari chain, clothespin, short scarf, belt buckle, and a handkerchief tie.

Famous Online Shopping Outlets for Trachten clothing

For Oktoberfest, online shopping would be a better option, since you can get your desired clothing items without wasting time by going from one store to another. Tracht for men’s Oktoberfest are available easily from some of the best clothing brands, which offer a great variety of tracht for men, as well as complimenting accessories. Some of the best options for online shopping of Bavarian costumes including both trachts and drindls are as follows:

Oktoberfest Haus

Oktoberfest Haus is one the most economical options to buy trachts for men and dirndls for women at reasonable prices. These costumes are often low-priced materials so you will need to compromise upon the quality. However, if you do not seek to waste extra money on Oktoberfest outfits, then Oktoberfest Haus can be an ideal option for you.

German Wear

German wear also deals in a great deal of variety in trachts for men at Oktoberfest. You can find numerous clothing options at their Men’s Department, which includes all required items, for Oktoberfest clothing like Jackets, Waistcoats, Shoes, Trachten suits, shirts, and socks.

Fancy Dress Ball

Traditional German costumes available at Fancy Dress Ball are also quite suitable for Oktoberfest celebrations. From lederhosen to a trachten for men, Fancy Dress Ball has covered all angles and one can surely find a typical Bavarian outfit at this online clothing outlet.

There are several other stores online, as well as others like Lederhosen for Sale, Oktoberfest Dirndl, and others. Just make sure that you take your time to go through their websites and keep up with their latest collections!

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