Basics You Must Know about Trachtens for Women for Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest is such a huge scale festival. Around 7 million people from all over the globe travel to Munich just to enjoy this celebration. It goes on for 2 to 3 weeks, starting at the end of September up to the start of October. If you are traveling to Munich to participate in Oktoberfest celebrations, then you must get familiar with the traditional Oktoberfest costumes. That is, trachtens for women as well as men, as normal clothing indeed looks weird at a glance during the Oktoberfest festival.

Women’s Trachten includes different clothing items including dirndl, lederhosen for women, Trachten pants, jackets, and Shoes. With the modernization of society, women’s trachten fashion was also fading with time, with typical jeans and tops replacing them for some time. However, since the last decade, trachts for women are back in fashion and the traditional dirndl is back in town with a touch of style and class.

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Essential Elements of Trachtens for Women

The most essential element of the women trachten fashion is the dirndl. It has modernized over time while maintaining its traditional vibe. Simple traditional dirndl-dresses without glitter or any fancy details are a common choice amongst women right now. The dirndl usually consists of a bodice with a skirt or a pinafore dress, short puffed sleeved low-cut blouse, full skirt, and an apron. Although it appears as a simple attire, the latest trachtens for women at Oktoberfest are quite costly when tailored. That’s because these come with costly hand-printed or silk materials.

The winter style dirndl has warm skirts and aprons, which are made of thick cottonvelvet, wool, or linen. Oh the other side, summer style is much lighter in weight, has short sleeves, and is prepared with lightweight cotton. The skirt is usually long with a white blouse and a corset or a waistcoat. An apron usually goes on the top to complete the women trachten fashion look, although it is not a compulsion.

More Dirndl Ideas for Women

Other than the main Dirndl outfit, trachtens for women at Oktoberfest also comprises of the specially designed dirndl bras. Women wear the dirndl bra under the dirndl to make the woman’s bosom look great. It is a push-up bra, which has straps near the armpits. It is necessary because the dirndl blouse usually comes with a neckline that is wider. Besides supporting function, dirndl bra has an additional function of giving the body a perfect shape.

Lederhosen for women is also in fashion. There are many stylish women lederhosen available at several online shopping stores. Lederhosen for women is the leather pants part of the whole trachten clothing, which you can pair with a shirt and a woolen vest. Women Lederhosen’s have suspenders are there to hold the shorts up. Compared to the ones for men, lederhosen for women have a much softer suede-like texture to them that gives them a feminine look.

Trachten Jackets for Women

Trachten jackets for women come in various sizes, thicknesses, and designs but all of them have unique designs to create an appealing female Women Lederhosen’s silhouette. The waist of the trachten jacket is tapered inward and the torso is shorter than the arms. Most women’s trachten jackets for Oktoberfest have a stiff unfolded collar and the neckline cut is either covered or open.

The most common trachten shoes worn by females at Oktoberfest are either the customary ballerina flats or flats with a strap across foot known as Mary Jane shoes. Dirndl pumps and leather ankle boots are also suitable female trachten shoes to wear at Oktoberfest. There is so much to explore in trachtens for women.

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