Traditional and Modern: Classy Trachtens for Women of the 21st Century

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Traditional and Modern: Classy Trachtens for Women

Women trachten fashion gains a momentum in the days of Oktoberfest celebrations. It is a time when girls and women adorn themselves with beautiful drindls, jackets, pants, and shoes. Tracht is a traditional garment in German-speaking countries. The word ‘tracht’ refers to these traditional clothes that men and women wear. Countless varieties of Trachtens for women at the Oktoberfest are available at various shopping outlets. Trachts for women is not only about the dress but also about the way they enhance or highlight the overall demeanor of a person.

Trachtens for Women


Lifestyle Glitz - Trachtens for women

The word ‘Dirndl’ comes from the original root word ‘Dirnen’ that refers to young women. In old times, women used to wear this Bavarian costume while they worked inside or out of the house. The dirndl originated for the first time during the period of Second World War. Dirndl usually comprises of four parts i.e. a skirt, bodice, apron, and a blouse. These components, which are the basics of the traditional Bavarian outfit, can go through modifications to meet up with the choice of women.

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The blouse and the bodice serve as the base for the dirndl. The blouse with long puffed sleeves can give a charming girlish look. Button-less blouses are also available these days. In addition, modern trends have opened the choice for women not to wear a blouse underneath dirndl at all.

Women’s Lederhosen


Lifestyle Glitz - Trachtens for womenAlthough lederhosen is more of a men’s wear, in the past, women used to wear while at work as they found it comfier compared to dirndl. However, drindl was the first choice to wear on a special occasion. At present, lederhosen for women (authentic suede leather pants) has gained a special place in women trachten fashion. They come in varying colors now rather than just the original dark brown. If you are the one for fresh and lively color tones, then women lederhosen in pink, red, and turquoise colors could be the best option for you.

Dirndl Bra

Dirndl bra not only functions as a support but also in a way to give, a more attractive and appealing look to the women attending Oktoberfest. This is why you need a special dirndl bra for a dirndl to emphasize the cut of that part of the dress. In contrast to the normal bra, straps of the drindl bra are attachable further apart since Dirndl has a wide neckline. The bow has the shaping function and gives both breasts the support they need. The cups come in a unique to push breasts up from below and enhance the look of the cleavage. Slightly shorter straps of the drindl bra than usual give the body a nice shape and appearance.

Lifestyle Glitz - Trachtens for women

Trachten Jacket

Trachten jackets known as the ‘Jankers’ are great to go above the dress. The trachten jackets come in unique designs with high-quality fabrics like wool or leather. Woolen trachten jacket gives the softer look while leather trachten jacket has a sturdier look. For women, a slight touch of elegance comes in with buttons, which are either metal, deer antlers or other embroidered materials.

Trachten Shoes

Trachten shoes made from natural materials like suede leather are one of the essential elements of trachtens for women. These days, many clothing brands are introducing modern traditional footwear combining the traditional trachten shoes with an advanced touch. These come in various forms like heels, boots, or high knee length sneakers.

Trachten Pants

An important element of tracht for women at Oktoberfest is the matching trachten pants. Trachten pants come with the appearance of traditional trousers. Since they are made from soft material instead of leather, they are preferable to wear at any day or to special folk festivals like Oktoberfest celebrations. Modern trachten pants are available in leather materials, bright colors, and embroidered patterns. Traditional trachten pants are light in weight you can combine it with any top, giving you a unique and classy appearance.

In the present era, trachtens for women are high in demand, as famous brands have introduced their own trachten clothing line, which combines the traditional and modern look perfectly.

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