Cricket Live Score Update App on Google Play Store

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Cricket Live Score Update App on Google Play Store

Previously, there were newspapers, which had a separate sports section for sports-related news. They gave news on the next day of the event. Then came the sports news channels, which gave the latest news and they are still giving you latest sports and cricket news. You know life has become fast. Everyone wants a quick update on his or her favorite game, and in Pakistan, it is cricket. Mobile cricket apps are the best source to provide you latest updates related to cricket. There are many cricket app but Cricket Live Score Update is one of the latest and among the best ones. It is a complete package for the cricket fans. You can download this app free on your mobile phones.

Features of Cricket Live Score Update

People celebrate the cricket season throughout the year. Cricket fans are always suffering from cricket fever. There are sports channels that show live matches but not all the fans can watch these matches on TV. Such fans rely on their mobile phones for the latest update on ongoing matches. There is no other better way than to download Cricket Live Score Update app in your smartphone and enjoy live updates and scores on matches held, whether you are at work, school, party or a road trip. All the latest news updates are just a click away from you. You can download it in your Android phones; it is not available for iOS devices.

Latest Cricket News Updates

This is a news app with cricket elements. It has potentially engaging content for the cricket lovers. Cricket Live Score Update attracts cricket fans through latest news updates, match schedules, live commentary, player ratings, and poles for match result predictions. It also provides expert reviews, in which they give their views about current cricket scenario, team, and individual player performances.

You can download the app on your phones to get the latest news about any cricket match played around the world. It proves to be an amazing app that gives you current information on the live scores of the cricket matches played, regardless of the region it is playing in.

Android Compatible Only

Cricket Live Score Update only has good compatibility with an Android operating system. This app gives live updates of scores of both the national and international cricket matches of all the cricket-playing nations of the world in all formats of the game.

Tips and Analysis by Cricket Coaches and Experts

This app does best what it is supposed to do. It gives you latest news about teams, players, live score of the matches, live commentary, match summary once the game is over and written articles by cricket coaches and experts. This app gives you every information that keeps you in touch with cricket. It gives you latest information and scorecard of the entire international, domestic, league, women matches.

Engaging Commentary

Whether it is a one-day match, a five-day test match, or a twenty over match, the app will provide you live engaging commentary, live scores, ball to all latest update and other information. This app also gives all the necessary details about the recent and upcoming fixtures. It also has a separate section for International Cricket Council (ICC) rankings of every team and plays in all formats of the game.

Information on Fitness Performance

This app also gives information about the team squads and their current fitness performance.

Easy Search Options

Cricket Live Score Update app also allows you to search matches team-wise, date wise, or series wise. You can also get series stats and point tables of every tournament.

Match Summary Feature

After launching, the app is gradually becoming a favorite among the cricket fans. It has features that include the match summaries. This app is fast and fluid. When you open the app, it loads within a few seconds and it is safe to say that Cricket Score Update app is responsive towards its users. It gives you pleasing, clear visuals, and readable text that does not cause any pain or irritation to your eyes if you look at it for a longer period.

Simple Design and Few Features

Like some cricket score apps, Cricket Score Update app does not have too many or unnecessary features. This prevents the users from being confused and prevents them from sifting for information aimlessly.

App Features Quick Summary

  • Once you download this app, it will definitely fulfill your appetite for live cricket updates and latest scores.
  • It has all modern material features for Android mobile devices.
  • Cricket Live Score Update app is quite rich in features and content and it allows easy navigation for the users to search for the information they are looking for.
  • It provides 360 degrees entertainment of ball-to-ball live scores and all the latest updates.
  • All the information you want to know about cricket is at your fingertips with Cricket Live Score Update app.
  • It is a complete package for the cricket fanatics in the sense that apart from live score updates, it also gives opinions of the experts and their in-depth analysis, after the match.
  • Cricket Score Update app has special coverage for the big cricket tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, PSL, IPL etc.
  • It only takes few seconds to refresh the scorecard.
  • Cricket Live Update app has all the information about the upcoming matches and statistics.

It is certain that soon Cricket Live Score Update app will emerge as the top contender for the finest Android cricket score updates apps.


Cricket Live Score Update app is a relatively new app but once you download it and use it, you will not regret it and you will never look for an alternative cricket update app. This app is not less than any other app in features. You will love using it and you will definitely recommend this one to your friends as well. Cricket Live Score Update app is a must-have for your mobile phones.

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