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Fashion with Resilience | Highlights Fashion

We are a nation with a lot of empathy in us and most of us try to help others in whatever ways possible. We are a nation of hard workers, where women work with us side by side – be it green fields, or be it corporate offices. We are a nation of artisans, and we portray our culture, heritage, and our art through different mediums and designing fashion clothes is one of them.

Do You Want Fashion or Need It?

The difference between wants and needs differs on an individual level. A person who barely makes both ends meet has a different set of needs than a person who showered with worldly blessings. The simple basic needs of one person can be the wants of someone else. Clothing is one of the basic needs of human beings but even there exists a hierarchy in our society. People on the lower level of chain, need clothes whereas people on the other side, despite having wardrobes filled with clothes, want more of branded clothing.

These Workers Need Recognition

The work done by our resilient women in villages needs to be recognized. Many noble brands today have many rural women working with them. The fine fashion design suits and ethnic wear for women created by our rural women are widely available in the market. Recently, ethnic wear has also find its way to online shops. Besides, buying fine prints by these artisans has gone much easier now.

Bringing New Standards of Style

In addition, these artisans are setting new standards of stylish clothing. The meshed ethnic prints with modern simplicity gives a completely new dimension to clothing trends.

The easier it is for people living in big cities to just go out to malls and buy the prints, the more difficult it is for the women at the back end to produce their clothing pieces and send them to the major markets. Moreover, even when they somehow manage to go through this market linkage barrier, they are most of the times underpaid for their work.

However, since they have no other source of income, they continue doing the same work. The same women make pieces for big brands. The same women have to go through many social and cultural barriers that we as a society have placed upon ourselves and especially on our women.

Bringing Change

Nevertheless, I am happy to see this one organization in Lahore who is trying to make this market linkage easier for these women and the people living in cities by making it easier for our urban people to buy from the artisans themselves. That way, they are not underpaid at all, get a handsome amount for their work, and time that they put in making the pieces.

People can buy from their online shop where they display the fashion clothes from rural women by putting them in a catchy way on the website with fabric details and prices and the organization ships the desired piece of clothing to the buyer. I think, it’s a very positive step in the field of clothes and ethnic outfits for women as this not only brings the artsy side of our own women but also make it easy for people to buy from them and thus giving them a chance at dignified livelihood.

The Need of the Hour

The struggle for a being a better individual and contributing towards a better nation is something that should never stop. The need of the hour is to highlight the fashion or ethnic wear created by women in remote areas, and without any doubt, the work done at the grass root level is better than many other exclusive prints.

Also, the clothing pieces speak of the hard work, passion, values and resilience of the women who step outside their homes and their comfort levels, and maybe have to face the pressures of society and family but they don’t let that get into their way towards betterment of their own and towards a better nation.

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