Countdown to the Most-Loved Airlines in the World

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6 · 19 · 17
Countdown to the Most-Loved Airlines in the World

TripAdvisor is famous as the best travel website in America. It attracts as many as 350 million users who leave reviews about their experiences at the website. Based on the data on TripAdvisor, the best-rated airlines have great food, legroom, in-flight entertainment, beverages, and comfortable seats.

The General Manager and SVP of TripAdvisor, Bryan Saltzburg reportedly said: ““We’re quickly becoming one of the largest places to find airline imagery and cabin content in the world. It really helps consumers see what they’re going to get.” He also said that his team and he are proud of “FlyScore”.

It is an observation that travelers tend to rate individual flights (not the airlines) on a scale of 1 to 10. They consider in-flight amenities, aircraft quality, and the duration of the flight. Of course, the time taken would vary with the route of the flight, and in-flight amenities will vary. Saltzburg also said that other aspects also vary based on the routes and airlines, like seat legroom, Wi-Fi options, and entertainment.

Based on a survey of various reviews, here are the top 10 airlines on TripAdvisor


Number one on the list is Latam because it has the highest number of positive reviews. It is a South American airline, which formed after the merger of LAN and TAM airlines. Customer services rate it highly for cleanliness, boarding, and check-in.


Emirates airline is famous worldwide and goes to numerous countries across the globe. We rate it as the second best international airline. Skytrax rates it as number one for cleanliness, in-flight entertainment (TV, Movies, and Wi-Fi service), customer service, check-in and boarding, and food and beverages.

Azul Brazilian Airlines

According to Skytrax, this Brazilian carrier is the third most punctual and best low-cost airline in the world. It is also one of the best airlines offering amazing customer service, check-in, boarding, cleanliness, and entertainment in-flight.

Qatar Airways

As its name suggests, Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline, owned by Qatar. Skytrax has named it the second best in the world for 2016, whereas in 2015 it was number one. It offers very impressive cleanliness, customer service, and in-flight entertainment.


This is Colombia’s pride and the second oldest flag after KLM.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airline is not just low-cost. It offers the best check-in and boarding, cleanliness, customer service, and value for money. This is the best in the U.S. and soon Southwest says, in 2017, it will launch the Boeing 737MAX.

Singapore Airlines

Skytrax says that in Asia, Singapore Airlines is the third-best airline. It has the best Business Class and In-flight entertainment services. This airline received the Airline Excellence Award this year. It has the best cleanliness, customer services, food, beverages, in-flight entertainment, and check-in and boarding.


This Russian flag is the best East European airline, according to Skytrax. Reviews say it has the best check-in and boarding, customer service, and cleanliness.

Garuda Indonesia

Indonesia also has one of the best airlines in the world – Garuda Indonesia. Skytrax has named it the best in the region for 2016. It has the most impressive cleanliness and customer services.

JetBlue Airways

American flag, JetBlue is the best for low budget airline travelers from LA to NY. It has enough legroom, cleanliness, check-in, boarding, and customer service.

There are still other equally amazing airlines in the world, which include:

  1. Asiana Airlines
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  4. Thai Smile Airways
  5. Aegean Airlines
  6. Korean Air
  7. Japan Airlines
  8. Bangkok Airways
  9. Alaska Airlines
  10. com

(Note: Information sourced from an article on CNN)

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