Best Countries to Smoke Shisha in the Middle East

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Best Countries to Smoke Shisha in the Middle East

If you get a chance to smoke shisha or hubbly-bubblyLifestyle Glitz - Shisha in any of the Middle Eastern Country, which you would prefer? Middle Eastern Countries like Turkey and Iran offers some of the best shisha flavors to drive you crazy. A large water pipe filled with fruity flavors that first originated in India but gained much popularity in the Middle East.

So, if this summer you are traveling to the Middle East add some of these countries on your bucket list. Do not forget that the Middle East has some of the best shisha lounges, so pin them in ‘yet to travel list’ and get ready to experience the iconic hubbly bubbly.

United Arab Emirates: Heart of Incredible Shisha Lounges

If you ever go to the UAE and wish to try out the hookah there, remember to look for a shisha lounge in Dubai with Majlis, in Arabic, it means ‘sitting place’. Majlis is usually inside a tent, which is the best atmosphere to have a hubbly bubbly. You can find almost all the usual hubbly bubbly flavors in Dubai, but if you want to do as the locals do, then it is highly recommended to avoid the flavored hubbly bubbly. A good option to try out is ‘zaghloul’; it is a real Egyptian mu’assel – shisha tobacco, very strong. If you are, a newcomer to the hubbly bubbly world is careful, as this stuff is potent. Try to take things at your own pace.

Oman: Home of Exquisite Hubbly Bubbly Cafes

Oman is the next-door neighbor of UAE, and you might think they are the same as the landscape looks the same and people dress the same way. However, do not go by the look, beneath the appearance both countries are different; Oman is slightly cooler in temperature. Oman has recently instituted tighter restrictions on hubbly bubbly, a minor annoyance but ultimately the whole experience will be much healthier and safer. Just like any other country, you will find almost all the top flavors at any local shisha lounge in Oman, the natural fruit flavors are a really popular choice here, and a must try the next time you visit Oman.

Egypt: Land of Some Iconic Shisha Flavors

Egypt has also been planning to crack down on smoking. However, it is not something to be alarmed by, and there are plenty of hubbly bubbly lounges for you to visit. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe, Khan el-Khalili bazaar is one of the best places to try out hubbly-bubbly in the Al-Gamaleya district of the old city. The recommended flavors to try while you are visiting Egypt is amongst the mint section like starbuzz mint, or Al Fakher mint is amongst the best. The heat and strong hookah can make even many experienced users light headed so steady your pace and try to take it slow and easy.

Hence, these are few of the Middle Eastern countries and their juicy shisha flavors which one you must. Make sure you do not overdo it or rush into things.

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