Alfresco Blinds – A Way of Having Sun Control and Privacy in Your Home

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The unique design of the Alfresco Blinds enables them to reduce the temperature in a building. They control glare and provide weather protection at the same time. They ensure the comfort and privacy of the occupants of the building. The design comprises channel guides, large span wire guides, straight drop awnings and café screens. All these features transform homes in hot zones into a comfortable abode.

Automation Utility:

Motorizing and Automation often applied to most systems for peacefulness after you are far away from home. Alfresco Blinds aptly give a choice of cooling your house naturally.

Choosing Fabrics:

Nowadays these blinds come with the high-tech fabrics designed to provide sun protection, durability with low maintenance. Screen fabrics allowing only soft diffused light to brighten the interior.

Multiple Choices of the Alfresco Blinds

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Nowadays variety kinds of blinds are available in the market. As per the personal usage, requirement, budget, maintenance etc. feel free to select any of the below-mentioned blinds to serve the desired purpose of yours.

Rope and Pulley Blinds:

This kind of blinds have the Unique Locking base rail that locks on both sides, the strongest and thickest base rail without straps and they can be compo entry marine graded. These are custom-made blinds, designed to suit difficult and tricky areas of varying measurements, like a curved or gabled patio. They are also great for use in doorways.

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Zip-track Blinds:

These kinds of blinds are quite amazing which don’t have any ropes, straps, buckles, or even zips. They are quite easy to use with its versatile beauty, manual or motorized operations and on top of everything, they are going to be environment-friendly too.

Budget Channel Blinds

Are remarkable for the Channeling at the sides and crank gearbox operation, pocket, and rod base with lock-in pins, Available in Mesh or PVC, Good Energy Level, (NO Ropes and pulleys) as well.

Standard Cafe Blinds:

Standard Cafe Blinds can be the perfect solution for your home or business’s outdoor area to protect your area from sun, wind, and rain and maximize the use of your outdoor space.

Auto Arm Awnings:

If you want to shade your windows from direct sunlight, without missing fresh air and breezes then auto arm awning can be the right option. The automated arm awnings are ideal for ground floor windows. They have a slanted design that sits out away from the base of the window. This makes it open enough for breezes to flow in while maintaining optimum heat protection and privacy. Due to the plastic, imported from the engineering industry, and revered for its outstanding strength and longevity it is meant for perfect performance, year after year. Auto Arm Awnings comes with stainless steel fittings and they are going to be ideal in coastal locations.

Folding Arm Awnings:

Nowadays Folding Arm Awnings are also available with a vast range of colors and textiles to choose from in which Panel Glides are easily teamed with Roman and Roller Blinds throughout any interior space. Along with the fabulous utility for wide-open spaces, with a smooth and effortless operating system, the moving panels of Panel Glides are excellent for sliding and bi-fold doors, large glazed areas, and as room dividers.

Measures to Take for Maintenance

There are some basic home improvement measures to consider while maintaining the Alfresco blinds for long lasting usage:

  • It is always good to use soft cloth material, such as a microfiber, it recommended to avoid any kind of detergents and cleaning fluids or chemicals. Because the detergents may cause discoloration or damage to the fabric.
  • There is a chance of bird flocks perform droppings on the blinds and causing damage to the fabric. It is better to check often clean the surface outside using a warm and wet sponge.
  • Summers are the ideal times when molds develop and regular cleaning can only solve this alone.
  • Try to put the blinds down at most of the times, so that the fabric material rests. This helps for better functioning.
  • When the blinds are damp or wet after a drizzle or a storm, it is not good to fold them. If you do not allow them time to fold, moisture may develop and lead to mold formation.

So, with all the needed home improvement activity for the alfresco blinds can serve the purpose for many years without getting it damaged.

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