Advanced Car Technology that Will Change the Concept of Driving

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Advanced Car Technology that Will Change Driving

Movies like Back to the Future made the dream of flying cars seem like a real possibility, however, we’re not there just yet. But don’t be dismayed because huge strides have been made when it comes to futuristic car technology. A few things to get excited about include car tech that can detect how the driver is feeling, self-parking, and a smart co-pilot.

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Self-parking Cars will Change Cities Forever

Tesla’s recent addition to its Model S and X, called the Summon feature, allows drivers to leave their car and instruct the vehicle to park itself via a smart device. This way, the car can squeeze into smaller spaces because the person doesn’t have to open the door to get out. This also means that finding a parking space, especially for bigger vehicles, will go much faster in a crowded city. The genius behind this innovation is an associate research professor at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, Aaron Steinfeld, who had the following to say, ‘Autonomous parking will change urban planning. In time you will see less square footage dedicated to parking and more space for pickups and drop-offs…’

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Your Windscreen as Your Co-pilot

What would you say if your windscreen provided live footage of people and objects, you cannot see on the road? Believe it or not, that is something to look forward to in the near future. The virtual windshield will also have a feature that projects so-called ghost cars, which will serve to guide you on the road. In other words, the ghost car will help you make the right turns, lead you to the right exit, and final destination. In a way, it’ll be your private smart escort. One of the first cars with this feature is expected to be the Jaguar–Land Rover.

A Car Technology that can Detect Human Emotions

This feature might sound too good to be true, but rest assured, it is soon to become our reality. A recent report in the Guardian stated that the researchers are trying to integrate biometric sensors in cars. This will allow vehicles to understand when the driver is no longer in a condition to drive. This may be due to fatigue or stress. Upon detecting the condition of the driver, it will notify the driver or take over the wheel if there is a serious threat to the driver’s safety. This futuristic feature will immensely improve road safety, and reduce the number of accidents caused by human error by 90%, according to insurers.

What once were just mere ideas and dreams are almost reality. As car technology becomes more and more advanced, it is safe to say that driving, as we know it will change for good. We will no longer have to worry about red stoplights, pedestrians we cannot see, or get nervous because we’re too stressed to operate heavy machinery.

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