3 Tips When Getting a Tattoo in Another Country

Written by Andy Glibert
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3 Tips When Getting a Tattoo in Another Country

Some people choose to get a truly permanent memorial of their trip abroad by getting a tattoo. Others choose to use their grand adventure as the time to finally get the tattoo they’ve been dreaming of. However, they can also be rather painful and permanent mistakes in addition to becoming a risk to your health. Here are three tips when getting a tattoo overseas.

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Pick a Design You’ll Like Later – Much Later

Don’t pick a design that you think is cool and currently popular. Don’t pick a design on a whim. These tattoos are essentially permanent marks on your body. Only select a design you’ll love for the rest of your life. For example, think about what that tattoo will look like after you’ve aged or gained weight. Don’t get a tattoo on the inside of your fingers or palms, because they’re guaranteed to be a regret later n life.

The Quality of the Tattoo Parlor Is Paramount

Your health is too important to risk in a cheap tattoo parlour, especially in a country that may not have the same strict health standards at home. Only visit clean, professional and reputable tattoo parlours. Bangkok tattoo studios like All Day Tattoo have a solid reputation, and you can tell from the accreditations on the wall and sterile facility. Note that hygiene is a two-way street. You should take a shower and have clean skin before you have the tattoo done.

If you aren’t sure that the facility is high quality, go back to the hotel and do your research. If you’re so caught up in the thrill of the idea of getting a tattoo as a group that you’re pressured to ignore the mess on the floor and unhygienic needles, you’re in no state to have a tattoo done.

However, suppose the facility is safe and reputable; that doesn’t mean the artists themselves do good work or work that you’d like. Don’t just take a local’s word for it that the artists are great and the facility safe. Ask for pictures of the type of work they do. See if their style is what you want on your body. Ask a lot of questions. Ask for help translating if there’s a language barrier because you don’t want to make a mistake relaying your instructions. If you don’t like the answers you’re getting, go somewhere else.

After-Care Matters Everywhere

Aftercare matters everywhere. Actually, it is even more important when you’re abroad or on vacation, since getting medical help may be a challenge. If you’re told not to touch it, don’t go backpacking immediately afterwards while the pack rubs against it for hours on end. Leave the cling film on as long as you’re told to keep it there. Maintain hygiene, so don’t touch it with dirty hands. Protect it by avoiding swimming, and don’t let it get exposed to the sun. As you heal, you’ll want to keep that area moisturized and covered in sunscreen. If your travel plans make proper aftercare impossible, don’t get the tattoo right now.

Getting a tattoo should be seen as a major commitment; you can’t afford to do your due diligence and take every precaution.

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