9 Ridiculous Rules about Fashion

Written by Aara Jones
7 · 01 · 17
9 Ridiculous Rules about Fashion You Must Break

I just love it when people go against some of the ridiculous rules about fashion that are almost rules. Yes, everyone has a taste and standards that people would want to follow, but sometimes, I wonder why it must be a crime to go against the trend. Here are nine extremely ridiculous rules worth breaking from me:

9 Rules about Fashion to Break

#1 Wear Socks with Sandals

I don’t think that seeing anyone wearing sandals with socks is cute. Whether they match or not, that’s not the point. It’s fine for school uniforms, but really, it seems like torture to me.

#2 Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Wider

Let me say … “Whatever!” Even if it is true, it’s not fair for people who love wearing stripes. I don’t think it’s a rule worth sticking to; everyone has the right to wear stripes whether they are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

#3 Denim on Denim

There was a time when Britney Spears was in the spotlights for this fashion trend. Justin Timberlake too, but come on! I don’t think wearing the “Canadian Tuxedo” is a look everyone wants. Wear whatever you want to wear with a denim! It’s denim for God’s sake! It goes with everything.

#4 Red Heads Should Never Wear Pink

Hah! Come on! If you’ve been too scared to try it then try it. You’d be surprised that it actually accentuates the red in your hair and makes you look like a goddess. The same goes for red and orange color. Wear them all you want. Break such rules about fashion.

#5 Always Mix Silver with Gold for Class

I wonder who came up with this rule! It’s balderdash. I’d say wear ‘em and flaunt ‘em. Mix ‘em if you want, there is no such rule. If ancient people could talk to us, this rule would make them hate us.

#6 Mixed Patterns are Eye Catching

I don’t think it’s eye-catching to see mixed patterns of all kinds of colors and sizes scattered across the body. Visualize it for a moment. Do you want to look like wall art? Puff, not me, I don’t! Wait, I still have to add that you should stop listening to people about which colors not to mix with one another. Birds and Mother Nature have no color matching rules.

#7 Wearing Sneakers is Aesthetically Appealing

Well, I will insist that wear something you feel comfortable wearing. Wearing sneakers doesn’t mean dressing up, and it doesn’t work for everyone. Personality matters and you should wear clothing that complements your personality.

#8 Wearing Specific Colors on Specific Days

I have friends who have made it a rule to wear white after Labor Day, or your flag color on your independence day. Get over it, every day should be for every color. Anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously outdated and needs to sit in the time machine to the present era. It’s the 21st century people, dress in any color you love to wear, on any day! Stop waiting for that single day in a year and stop following ridiculous rules about fashion.

#9 Choosing Styles According to Body Shapes

I have read a lot about different body types and the way to dress for each of them. Sounds logical but please, stop worrying about these things too much. Your body is a gift, wear anything you want and keep a variety of everything. If we let body shapes govern what we wear bases on what suits us, many would be walking naked.

If you have other rules about fashion that you feel are worth breaking but I haven’t included those in my post, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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