6 Styling Tips That Will Make You Excited – It’s (Still) Winter

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6 Styling Tips That Will Make You Feel Excited

Come on folks, it is still winter or at least it feels like week 104! You must be feeling as if you just cannot do more to make your outfit for winter any more jazzy or dashing. Having learned the art of layering up without looking like a stuffed turkey, what can you do next? Should you give up on looking for new kinky ideas or should you just be a self-heating ideas hub all the time? Do not fret; help is here. Here are some amazing and renewed styling tips that will instantly add more color and style to your winter wardrobe. Winter can be long, dull, and freezing, but your dressing does not have to be that way. Here is what you need to do:

6 Styling Tips That Will Make You Excited

1. Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Colors

Are you one of those fussy people who feel as if some colors are not for your complexion? Get over it! Everyone deserves to wear every color. Mother Nature is not biased, so why should colors be? Wear the big pop out colors and stand out with pride. It is time to try new styling tips. Everyone around you can do good with the instant mood boost. If you feel shy about it, opt to wear colored coats and add some accessories to have a rainbow of colors.

2. Explore Prints – They are Friends Not Foe

Oh, my – the leopard prints are just amazing and for every winter. Add one of those to your wardrobe if you haven’t tried those already. Even floral prints go a long way to make you look chic and flary, so let them burst. One of these is enough, but two is even better. Remember, it is all about contrasting and mixing different patterns.

3. Throw in the Accessories

Accessorizing is probably the toughest part for most of us. You may have your winter uniform set to wear, but wait! Update it with some statement bag, put on layers of jewelry. Girls! There is never enough jewelry so start trying them on. Be the glamorous YOU! There is no need to be shy. Try the Lavin broche or Givenchy. Try hair accessories like the Mui Mui crystals, they are simply gorgeous.

4. The Best Shoe Fit

Come, come now, – admit it. Shoes are the one thing we all want to have in stock. If you have been denying yourself the pleasure of shoe-shopping, consider this the call to freedom. Go pick yourself one of those chic and funky heels like the Ugg Fitchie or Paloma Barcelo. If you want to go all passé, the Studded Leather Valentino Garavani is a recommendation. You can find lots of styling tips for the best shoes, so dare to explore them. At least try pumps like Tabitha Simmons or Dolce & Gabbana.

5. Fragrance is Like Star Dust

Let’s not forget that underneath all those layers of clothes, you need to keep some magic on. Perfumes can make you feel fresh and elegant. It may be a luxury in some ways but a bit of Juicy Couture or La Pera can work like stardust. On a romantic evening with someone who you do not want to let go, a bit of magic helps. Let them part ways wondering what’s underneath those layers and want more of you.

6. Makeup Styling Tips for Winter

Let us not forget the makeup styling tips! Winter may be cold and dull, but you can brighten things up with a touch of bright colors. Use some moisturizers to keep the skin glowing and fresh. Before applying makeup, put some on. Head for Mac and Charlotte for a smooth base and some eye makeup. Use some Marc Jacobs to make your eyes pop and twinkle. If you are a Dior person, then go for those. Add some bright contrasting eyeshades and blush. For your lips, use some greasy and moist lip color or gloss. Try the NYX Liquid Suede. If you prefer Matte then get some Incredible Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick. There you go, with these styling tips, you’re all set to go out once again. Make a new fashion statement with a blast. Have fun! Our previous post: What to Look for in a House if You Have Pets

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