6 Lessons to Learn From Osaka’s Fashion Scene

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 09 · 19
6 Lessons to Learn From the Osaka Fashion Scene

There is no denying that Japan is one of the centers in the fashion industry. The leading street trends often emerge from Tokyo. However, in recent years, the neighboring city of Osaka has been generating major buzz as well. This is because of the increasing awareness about the Osaka fashion scene.

In fact, Osaka has distinguished itself impressively from the Tokyo fashion scene, which is exciting for the global fashion industry. The dominant style of Osakans is described as fashionably free, while Tokyo’s is consistently trendy. According to Osaka’s style influencers, Osaka is all about dressing for yourself instead of the trends.

With such a powerful statement, it’s no wonder big fans of street styles are directing more attention to Osaka. But how, exactly, is its style landscape there different from Tokyo’s, and what lessons can fashion hopefuls derive from the Osaka fashion scene?

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Osaka Style 101

There are a couple of fashion ‘prescriptions’ which embody the honest-to-goodness of the Osaka fashion scene. Six of them are discussed below:

1. Vintage rules

For the fashionable crowd of the city, clothes are timeless relics of history and deserve to be worn despite the changing trends. This is the primary reason why vintage garments have been in great demand in Osaka long before vintage officially became ‘in.’

Flea markets and specialty stores are the best places to score high-quality pieces sourced locally and abroad. But, equally fantastic sources are the collection of apparel stored in clothes’ chests by Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom and Dad.

2. What seems tacky is cool

Dated details such as appliques, embroidery, and heavy embellishments are not fashion don’ts. They are essential features of a rich vintage style that’s perfect for street fashion.

In Osaka, there’s no wrong or right way for fashion. Everything is good with the right attitude (rhyme not intended). This makes the Osaka fashion scene even more interesting.

3. What you like is the perfect rhyme and reason

Sticking to fashion rules is restrictive, which is why; stylish Osakans do not really adhere to any. It is up to every individual to establish their rhyme and reason for choosing certain clothing ensembles.

So, if they wish to wear red Gucci platform loafers with a pair of athletic neon shorts and a fancy tweed jacket, it’s no issue. The only thing that matters is the satisfaction a person gets from executing his or her personal style vision.

4. Animal prints are ‘neutrals,’ and they are for everybody

Baby, granny, female, or male — you are allowed to sport animal prints in profusion. Leopard, tiger, zebra, snakeskin prints are considered standard and neutral in the Osaka fashion scene.

It truly does not matter if you are a fan of street fashion or you gravitate toward classic styles; animal prints should be among the staples. No basic wardrobe should be without animal prints. They are the pieces you can trust to take any ensemble to a fierce standout level.

5. Stand out or get out

This Osakan-style mantra is a reminder that clothing is not just a source of joy, but also a building block of confidence and identity. Thus, wear pieces that express who you are and what you are feeling. Your style is all about you and not about what others think. Let it shine.

Feel like wearing your special Balenciaga asymmetrical evening dress with a pair of Gucci trainers and an oversized Saint Laurent denim jacket for a day of self-love, or simply to not look like everybody else? Go ahead. The Osaka fashion scene accepts this too!

6. Dressing up is not cosplay; it’s a demonstration of one’s unique style sensibilities

This may be what ultimately distinguishes Osakan style from Tokyo style. While Tokyo’s street fashion scene remains to be dominated by Lolita and dressing styles inspired by famous manga or anime characters, Osakan style is based on a wider variety of interests.

These interests include a period in history, the clouds, surrealism, environmental responsibility, and so much more. Therefore, you will only find a few tiny cliques of people who wear similar styles of clothing, unlike in Tokyo.

Be Free With Fashion

Indeed, the Osakans are upholding the right principle of fashion, which is to march to the beat of their own drum. So, if you are in a style rut, take inspiration from the high FQ (fashion quotient) of the people joining the Osaka fashion scene, and unleash a style that you can entirely call your own.

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