How to Find your Perfect Boho Dress for Your Next Special Occasion

Written by Andy Glibert
8 · 29 · 19
How to Find your Perfect Boho Dress for Your Next Occasion

Finding the perfect, dreamy boho dress for your next wedding, formal or special occasion is a kind of a tricky task. You don’t want to look like you wandered straight out of the 70s, but you also don’t want to be so subtle that the style gets lost, basically, its all about finding that sweet spot somewhere in the middle. Read on to discover how to find your ideal bohemian-inspired dress, and how to wear it:

Finding the Right Style

Boho dresses come in all shapes and sizes, cuts and fabrics. You’ll likely find that once you start researching, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there! Really, the most important element of any dress, formal or casual, is the fit. A dress that doesn’t fit you right simply won’t work for you, so concentrate on this part! The fit options out there for special occasion boho dresses generally include:


A-line dresses are the miracle of the apparel world. They are universally flattering on all body shapes, so if you want to feel your most confident whatever your size, it’s the right choice for you. This cut flatters your neckline, pulls in your waist and skims over your legs to create a perfect hourglass silhouette.


This style is for those who want to flaunt every inch of their figure. The sheath dress fits close to your curves all the way down to the floor, creating a graceful and elegant shape. You’ll find for a boho look, that you’ll want a sheath dress to be crafted out of intricate and interesting lace. This will add a touch of bohemian glamour to the piece.

Off the shoulder:

Boho style made the off the shoulder cut what it is to this day, it’s a bohemian classic. Find a white off the shoulder piece made out of lace, cotton or jersey to really look the part! To lean into the 70s vibe, opt for a shift off the shoulder shape – very Woodstock!


This option is a little more formal and a lot more contemporary than the other cuts listed here. Fishtail styles fit close to your figure all the way down to the floor, where the dress then fans out like a mermaid! Look for intricate lace and embroidered detailing to look absolutely breathtaking!

Low back:

This is definitely your most alluring option for a boho style dress. Low back cuts are eye-catching, stylish and ever so sexy. Steer clear of satin, this will take away from the bohemian effect that you’re going for.

How to Wear It

Creating a bohemian look takes some attention in the accessories department, particularly jewellery. You’ll want to do some layering to make yourself look like a golden, dreamy goddess. To layer perfectly, stack around 5-8 bangles up your arms, drape a few different length chains around your neck and slide a few gemstone or metal rings on. If you really want to take it up a notch, add some statement hoops or resin earrings.

For shoes, it depends on just how boho you want to go! If you’re looking for bohemian dresses for your wedding or formal, you’ll want to find an elegant and subtle shoe to accompany your look, go for a strappy style in a petal pink and find a gorgeous, detailed floral and crystal headband. If your dress is for more of a casual occasion, you can explore platform styles or even espadrilles to really embody the boho babes of the past!

Once you find the right fit and accessories, you’ll be sure to turn heads in your perfect boho dress on your next night to remember!

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