5 Tips for a Pro-Like Nail Art

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
6 · 03 · 17
Nail Art Tips 5 Tips for a Pro-Like Nail Art for Everyone

Not everyone is a professional nail artist out there, but with the help of some right nail art tips and tricks, even you can become close to being one! Most girls believe that their nails are an extension of their fashion sense and they should get the same treatment as their hair or their outfits do. Even if it means just applying a nude nail color to your nails, as long as they appear just perfect with your dressing style, it shows that you love taking care of yourself!

To spice up the look of your nails, you can do some little nail art on them; this could mean making simple polka dot patterns or making striped designs on them. However, achieving perfect results won’t be possible without some nail art tips that will always come in handy!

Tip #1: Line the Sides of Your Nails with Petroleum Jelly for an Easy Cleanup

If you are making a nail art design that may be messy or spreads on the sides, as the first step, use a cotton bud and gently rub some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around your nails. This helps create a barrier between the polish and your skin, so when you finish painting your nails, all you have to do is wipe the Vaseline, which pulls away any extra polish that may have spread along the sides.

Another trick to prevent nail polish from drying on the skin around your nails is to use any facemask you have. Use a cotton bud, rub a thin coat of some of the liquid on the skin around your nails, and let this dry for 5-10 minutes. Then continue with your nail art and when you finish making the design you want, peel away the little bit of dried mask for a neat and professional finish.

Tip #2: White Nail Polish As a Basecoat Gives Amazing Results

Unless you use a super opaque nail polish, the natural tinge of your fingernails can change the color of the nail polish you intend to use. To achieve the true color of the polish, apply a white shade as the base coat first, then continue, and apply the colored polish. The white polish helps the nail color pop out more and shows its true shade.

Tip #3: Two-Tone Nail Art with Tape

After selecting two different nail colors that you like, paint one coat of the lighter polish on each nail and seal it with a topcoat. Once it dries completely, take a transparent tape, cut it into two strips, stick it on the tips of your nails so that they cross over, and create a middle point. Now, take your darker shade of nail polish and paint the entire nail, on top of the tape. Let this dry for a minute or two, then grab both ends of the tape and peel them slowly at the same time. This creates a two-tone color and gives your nails a professional manicure!

Tip #4: A Bobby Pin as a Dotting Tool

Not all of us have the professional nail art brushes and dotting tools. However, did you know that you could still use some home tools as substitutes? Yes, that’s true! What you simply need is a bobby pin! You can use the round tips of the bobby pins to create polka dot nail art designs. Take two or more shades of nail polishes and use the round ends of the bobby pin to create amazing and colorful polka dots on a dark basecoat.

Tip #5: Paint Two Topcoat Layers to Prevent the Tips of Your Painted Nail Art from Chipping

Most girls face this problem! When you finish your nail art, within a day the tips begin to chip off, making the whole nail art look messy. However, there is a solution that could help your nail art stay for more than a day! Sometimes for even a week or more, that’s right! All you have to do when you finish your nail art is paint the first layer of your topcoat polish on the half tips of your nails only. Once this dries, paint a second coat, this time, cover the entire nail as you would normally. This tip helps keep your nails prone to any chipping for a longer duration.

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