5 Most Exotic Watches Men Must Have

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5 Most Exotic Watches Men Must Have - Lifestyle Glitz

There is no doubt that every man who wants to carry his personality opulently must wear a branded watch. To a real man, a watch is an accessory that shows his standards. It is  that something that hows how much he values other people’s precious time. A watch is a must-have fixture that completes the entire fashion ensemble for men. Have you ever wondered which most exotic watches men must have?

In the world, watchmakers have designed certain watches brilliantly, with the most intricate details, and engineered in extravagant ways only suitable for the privileged people. Exotic watches are fitted with unique details like diamonds, and gems, which usually are the main reasons for jacked up prices. Generally, such watches are equipped fully with tourbillion, fashioned in ways that enable them to resist gravity and ensure that they give the most accurate time measurement. Among the many expensive ones, here are the top exotic ones you must own.

Our List of Best Most Exotic Watches Men Must Have

1.      Super Complication by Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ref. 6300/401G-001 White Gold - Back

Yes, all the rumors are true! $24 million dollars is probably the most expensive price anyone has ever paid for a pocket watch. What is it about Super Compilation by Patek Philippe that makes it the second most exotic watches men must have? This watch dates back to the year 1933. Many believe that it took over 5 years to complete its manufacture. Manufactured with more than 18-carat gold, and wrapped in 36mm of a glass cover, it contains more than 24 mechanical dials that can tell more than just time.

2.      Hublot Diamond

Big Bang Steel Diamonds 38 mm, front view

Nothing can beat the finely crafted Hublot’s Diamond, a uniquely crusted diamond watch, which unquestionably fits the bill. Hublot Company claims that it is the most “exquisite” timepiece it has ever created in its 32-year-old history. So really, what goes into an expensive watch worth $5 million such as this? Why is it one of the most exotic watches men must have? For starters, it comes in an 18K white gold casing, which encompassed a watch, fully designed and adorned with over 1200 glittering diamonds. The dials are 18K gold, which bear 179 diamonds, and it has additional emerald-cut diamonds, each greater than 3 karats. Rumor is that 17 workers spent as many as 14 months working day and night to design this wristwatch.

3.      Louis Moinet Meteoris

Louis Moinet “Meteoris” Watch - 25 Watches Over $1 Million | Complex

Worth $4.6 million, this watch comes with four distinctive pieces, characterized by the solar system. Each piece in this model is outstanding as compared to the ones before it. In fact, many consider this one as one of the most vividly constructed ones by Louis Moinet. The watch has dials made of worldly materials, such as the moon, meteorite from the famous planet mars, an asteroid. And the ancient most popular meteorite we know today as the “Rosetta Stone.”

Comprehensively speaking, this planetarium watch depicts the glorious solar system, and you can wear it on any Tuxedo to enhance your personality as well as your fashion sense. It is worthy of being one of the most exotic watches men must have.

4.      Piaget Emperador Temple

Piaget Emperador Temple as we call it today is a fully iced wristwatch and one of the most exotic watches men must have. It features as many as 481 finely cut diamonds, along with emerald cut diamonds and baguette cut 207 diamonds on its case. This is just the first part of its lavish look. The second best part is the watch with a tourbillon, and a dial made exclusively of Polynesian pearls (known as the mother of all pearls). The complete watch features 162 brilliantly cut diamonds and 11 baguette diamonds. The entire bracelet has 350 baguette-cut diamonds covering its surface. This watch costs $3.3 million, and seeing it from a closer view, you will know exactly why it falls under the category of one of the most expensive wristwatches any fashionable man must own.

5.      Patek Philippe Reference 1527

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ref. 5320G-011 White Gold - Face

Patek Philippe till date remains one of the independent company’s whose plans and secrets remain guarded tightly, and in the world, it’s most exquisite, and expensive watched go directly from the manufacturing company to the wrists of the most prestigious, and world-renowned collects. They never display their watches at random store counters, which increases their appeal as one of the most exotic watches men must have.

The Reference 1527 is presumably one of the most expensive watches created by Patek Philippe. But only after getting a closer glimpse of this wrist watch is when you will see exactly why it has managed to touch its current stratospheric price. The watch is made of over 23 gemstones, all fitted in Arabic numerical. This wristwatch has slightly curved and elongated lugs. Its dial layout has a 37.6mm diameter.

So what are you waiting for? Make your personality shine brighter by purchasing one of these exquisite wristwatches and redefine your entire look for the day!

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