4 Things You Should Not Do To Your Lawn

Written by Rohani Egbert
7 · 15 · 19
4 Things You Should Not Do To Your Lawn

A lawn can create a warm and welcoming space in your home. Most of your days in the Summer will be spent playing with kids on the lawn. However, maintenance of a lawn is no child’s play. There are some things you should never do to your lawn if you want to keep it green and healthy.

1 – Do not cut wet grass

The ideal time to mow is only when the grass is completely dry. If there is moisture from rain, it will weigh down the grass. The blades of the grass will bend and it will become difficult to make a proper cut. Additionally, the disease will spread when you start to mow wet grass. This is because a wet grass blade carries disease-carrying organisms. There could be times when you have no choice but to mow wet grass due to heavy rains. Experts say it is ideal to mow wet grass than to allow it to grow too tall and then cut when it is absolutely dry. Similarly, do not mow grass in a drought period because it will stress the turf. 

2 – Do not over-fertilize

Fertilizing is a complicated job, one slip and you turn the lawn into a desert. This is why you should never over fertilize or fertilize at the wrong time. The main ingredient in fertilizers, nitrogen can burn the grass brown if it is used in excess. You need to ensure you choose the right type of fertilizer for your lawn. Fertilizers are essential for grass to grow but if you over fertilize, it can damage the roots and will kill the grass. Fertilize the grass only twice a year, in the fall and in spring. 

3 – Do not move with a dull blade

Make it a point to take your lawnmower to tune up and sharpen the blades every spring. It is important to have sharp blades for the health of your lawn. According to Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics Corporation, a lawn irrigation system is environmentally friendly as it cuts down on water waste. If you cut sharply through the grass, it will also cut down the water waste and will increase photosynthesis. If you notice a white tissue sticking out of the leaf blades after you mow, your machine needs a tune-up. You need to sharpen the mower blades two times in a year. 

4 – Do not water very often

It is not a good idea to water the grass for a few minutes every day. Frequent watering can create a shallow root system and these roots need water every day to remain healthy. You need to water the grass once a week for an hour. It will allow the water to penetrate the soil and make the lawn more tolerant of dry conditions. 

It is important to know the species of the grass. Some grasses do not need regular watering and when it does not rain, the grass will go dormant and they perk up when it rains. 

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