4 Luxurious Items to Enhance Your Look This Summer

Written by Aara Jones
8 · 16 · 19
4 Luxurious Items to Enhance Your Look This Summer

Summer vacations should be taken in style. Even if you have to work this summer, you still deserve to enjoy the warm weather in luxury. Grab one of each of these luxurious items for that perfect summer vibe.

Stylish Sunglasses

It’s summer, so you need a pair of shades. Use them to dress up an outfit, make a don’t-care statement, or keep the sun out of your eyes.

Expensive sunglasses block more UV rays; they also tend to feature a better frame. Sunglasses styles change every year but look for a nice pair that compliments the shape of your face. Bonus points if the frames match most of your summer wardrobe.

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Open-Toed Shoes

Don’t get caught wearing sneakers to the beach. Every summer wardrobe needs at least one pair of high-quality sandals. Look for real leather, durable soles, and fashionable appearances.

Flip-flops are fun, but they aren’t really luxurious items. Women should consider gladiator sandals and other open-toed choices. Men should invest in a nice pair of slides; they’re the perfect thing for the beach or a weekend party.

The Perfect Handbag

It’s summer, so ditch the backpack and the laptop case. Look for a luxury bag that speaks to your personality.

Summer offers the chance to rock almost every type of bag. Small Hermes Kelly bags are great for carrying essentials. Beach totes are a must if you’re going to the pool; where else will you stash your phone and keys? And of course, a quality messenger bag will suit you for any summer adventure that comes your way.

Statement Jewelry

Bring your summer style to the next level with a few bold pieces of statement jewelry. Large rings, chunky necklaces, and bright chains will make any outfit pop.

Women should consider a collection of bangle bracelets as one of the must-have luxurious items. You can wear one bracelet for a subtle statement, or go with five for a delightful jangle. Choose a mixture of colored patterns and bright metals.

Men should invest in a high-quality watch. Look for a metal that matches other elements in your outfit. Your phone case, your sunglasses, and even the facets on your shoes should all share similar tones. Consider getting multiple watches for different occasions; some situations call for professionalism, and others call for bling.

Traveler’s bracelets are great for both genders. Pick up a bracelet every time you visit a new location, and wear your collection to start conversations about your journeys.

Remember to buy high-quality versions of every item on this list. Match luxurious items or accessories with in-season styles to remain fashionable all summer long.

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