4 Indoor Lighting Options for Updating Your Living Room

Written by Aara Jones
8 · 08 · 19
4 Indoor Lighting Options for Updating Your Living Room

When you update the lighting in your living room, you should use a diverse range of illuminations to give it a warm and appealing feel. Since living rooms are usually the first room you enter, it establishes the tone of your house. Good lighting is an important part of that tone. Here are four indoor lighting options for updating your living room.

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Accent Indoor Lighting Options

Highlighting certain parts of your living room like a painting or fireplace is where accent lighting plays a role. When you direct light at specific displays to highlight their key features, you are using accent lighting. For it to work correctly, you need a brighter illumination than what you would use for a lamp or bedroom light. Additionally, you need lights that you can adjust to point directly at a picture, painting or piece of furniture.

Decorative Lighting

When you want to bring your living room to life, you can use decorative lighting. If you want to add a little shine to a smaller area in your living room, you can add sconces. Another type of decorative lighting is pendants. They come in many different varieties, including crystal, retro, natural or ultra-modern. Chandeliers are well-known for their decorative lighting characteristics and are a great choice for adding a little sparkle to your living room.

Task Lighting

Writing at a desk or reading a book requires task lighting. However, you want to avoid formal-looking indoor lighting options that make you feel like you are in an office. Lamps with flexible arms are available in many varieties, and you can position them in such a way to give your reading or writing space a more localized feel. Since you will only be using this lighting option part of the time, it pays to make sure the lamp you choose does not clash with the tone of your house.

Ambient Lighting

Adding ambient lighting to your living room gives it a warm feeling. It also controls how much your living room lights up. Experts, such as electricians and interior designers, recommend that you use ambient lighting to illuminate surfaces without exposing the source of light. This will control the glare and improve the overall quality of your indoor lighting.

Experts suggest you use energy-efficient solutions when you are upgrading you are updating the lighting in your living room. Three-way controls and light dimmers are great options. You can also use energy-efficient bulbs in virtually any of the indoor lighting options you choose.

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