Wondering “IF” You Need Marriage Counseling?

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 04 · 17
Marriage Issues - Need Marriage Counseling

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself “Am I facing any issue in life that is really disturbing my mental peace?” Ask yourself questions like, “Do I have a sound marriage?” Is your marital relationship sound or are you two losing grip of your emotions? Have you two lost the love that once existed?

If the answer to these questions is “YES” then you’ve come to the right place. We at Lifestyle Glitz are dedicated to making your life better.

Your problem could be:

  • Academic related
  • Marriage related
  • Career related
  • Children related
  • Relationship related

Whatever the problem is, sometimes, the solution is clear, but we are just too confused about what is right or wrong. At such times, you need someone with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and concerns. You need someone who will not judge you, or question you for the way you think.

We live in a society where our culture influences our daily lives, the way we relate to people, and the way we handle issues. It becomes too difficult to cope with everything that happens in our lives. Talking to someone always helps.

This is what we at Lifestyle Glitz do. We are that friend you need.

Marriage and Family

In every marriage, and in every family, there are problems. It is inevitable. Sometimes these problems seem too difficult and complicated or even impossible to resolve. At least, they seem impossible because you are not thinking out of the box and looking at the problems from a different perspective.

The first step is to evaluate yourself before blaming the other person or people involved in the problem. Always evaluate yourself first! This is something most people fail to do and are too hasty about blaming others for their shortcomings.

You can have four levels of problems in your marriage and family. Each level has different options available. Let’s look at these closely so that you can evaluate yourself:

Level 1: Basic Problems and Issues

Are the problems and issues that you are facing in your family or marriage stemming from selfishness, lack of knowledge about how to raise your children, or how to make your marriage relationship work, or is pride a problem?

Not sure?

Let’s cite some examples so that you can decide if you need help. Are there any of the following or similar problems tormenting your personal life:

  • You find it difficult to resolve conflicts in your marriage
  • You have a consistent problem where you lie a lot or you have been lying since you were a teen
  • Your child repeatedly throws a tantrum to have his or her way
  • Your children have sibling rivalry
  • You cannot successfully communicate with your spouse
  • You have intimacy problems in your marriage
  • Your spouse is cheating on you
  • You or your spouse has poor financial habits

We are aware that this is not a complete list of examples of the basic problems, which you could be facing. However, if these problems are close to describing the problems you are facing in your life, you need to seek answers right now.

Level 2: Complex Problems and Issues

Do you think that your problems are even more complex than those classified as basic problems as discussed in Level 1, but they are not yet out of your control?

For instance:

  • Maybe you are not sure that you two are in love anymore
  • Maybe you feel that other things in life seem more important than your marriage and family, to one or both of you. It could be things like your job, your social life, your hobbies, etc.
  • There is an acute breakdown of communication between your spouse and you
  • Maybe just YOU are handling the discipline issues in your marriage, and you feel your spouse isn’t doing enough
  • Perhaps the teenager in your home is becoming more difficult to handle
  • Maybe your emotions are the main cause of conflict in your marriage and family life

If you feel like yes if you have these kinds of problems, you need help!

Level 3: Feeling Desperate

Have you come to a point where you feel like this is it! There is no way your marriage or family can survive much longer unless you do something drastic or it just happens. Do you feel like things in your marriage or family will never change for the better?

Do you experience any issues like:

  • Communicating with your spouse ends in hurt and anger all or most of the time
  • There is zero physical intimacy
  • You live a routine life, but feel no joy or fulfillment
  • One or both of you has thought about a divorce
  • Your child has grown into a full rebellion
  • Your teen has issues like drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • You feel like you are raising your kids like a single parent even though you are married

These are quite serious issues, which indicate that the problems need immediate action. These problems haven’t just manifested, but have grown over time. Even though you feel hopeless, there is still time and there is hope that things will get better without a drastic step. What you need it some faith in yourself, and believe in God.

You need a counselor. We at Lifestyle Glitz are here to offer you that hand to get you back on your feet so that you conquer these problems.

Level 4: When Crisis Hits

If you or your spouse has already filed for a separation or divorce, it means one or both of you have given up on the happiness of being together. We believe that when couples get to this point, there is a crisis. You need to contact a counselor immediately, especially if you cannot think of someone in your close family or friends circle.

Here are factors that can prove to you that your marriage is in crisis:

  • Divorce papers have been filed
  • Your spouse admits to having an affair or recently ended one
  • Pornography has become your spouse’s biggest problem
  • Your teen talks about suicide
  • You’ve lost control in your teen’s life and behavior
  • Your teen is into drugs, alcohol, and sex

If your problems are similar or close to these, then we recommend that you seek help, and seek it quickly.

Where to Begin

The first thing to do in most cases is to read about your problem. Browse online, read books about these issues, listen to audios, speak to an elder, or talk to someone who can help. Our website offers you resources that you can purchase and read to get some insight, ideas, and suggestions. Sometimes, the lives of others and personal experiences of others can help and encourage you to understand what you have to do to make things right.

To read more about amazing lifestyle tips, keep visiting us on www.lifestyleglitz.com. We are all you need for a great and happy lifestyle!

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