Why Were These Five Jobs Resilient During the Pandemic?

Written by Aara Jones
1 · 06 · 21

The pandemic has caused an unusual impact on the planet. Due to these unexpected circumstances, many companies went bankrupt or had to lay off hundreds of employees. It was a complicated situation since no one was 100 percent prepared. However, many companies inside and outside the US could have a milder impact, improving their economic level during the virus even though the global economy was falling.

It’s all about resilience. A resilient person or company is one that can prevail and overcome difficult moments by adapting to problems. Others define this concept as “adapting to change”. The following five jobs had this work methodology and managed to overcome Covid-19. Learn what these jobs did to maintain their level during the pandemic.

1.  Online Teachers

The pandemic was a particularly good time to value education. Even though many teachers had to return home due to the virus, they found ways to continue working. Thousands of online teachers around the world were able to continue their school classes through video calling platforms. Schools, courses, and universities maintained their teachers’ activity to ensure students’ education.

According to Glassdoor, online professors at Grand Canyon University and Florida Virtual School can earn more than $50,000 per year, salaries that remained intact during the pandemic. Career Karma ensures that data science-related bootcamp instructors can reach up to $117,000 annually.

2.  Health Personnel

Everyone involved in the health industry deserves recognition. This job was the bravest, the most stable, and one of the best paid in the United States during the pandemic. Nursing, surgical, and general medical professionals still have a key role to play in the world.

Although these jobs have a high demand due to Covid-19, these professionals have also used digital alternatives. According to Elite Healthcare, 73.6 percent of health employees say that remote care is a useful and necessary idea at this age, explaining how technology has also been an ally of the health industry in these circumstances.

3.  Software Development

The tech industry was one of the main winners during the pandemic. As thousands of companies suffered the consequences of lockdown, software development companies hired more and more employees. The main reason is the demand for these services.

Covid-19 allowed more people and companies to access technological platforms such as streaming services, entertainment, video calls, and communication, among others. So the tech industry knew that having a software developer in a pandemic would be a win. Their salaries were maintained and, in some cases, increased. Apps like Zoom had an increase of more than 110 percent this year, and, according to executive projections, that number will continue to grow up to the end of 2020.

4.  Freelance Jobs

Websites like UpWork and Fiverr had extraordinary growth rates. After being called “places with a high probability of contagion”, physical jobs went to the background for new professionals searching for job opportunities. Thousands of people were received on freelance websites to do remote work.

Beyond the myriad of jobs on these platforms, the alternative was a useful idea due to the safety of working from home. This was an essential advantage that brought new freelancers to these websites since March 2020.

5.  Online Shopping and Sales

Online shopping was the safest (and recommended) method of work during the pandemic. Thousands of e-shopping companies received millions of dollars in profits at this time, as physical stores were closed. In this way, the owners of online stores could have a sustainable business.

We must also mention all the people who work in delivery companies. Their work was one of the most demanding and valued in the pandemic, as they helped hundreds of people stay safe and sound in their homes. Amazon, for example, had a phenomenal year in terms of economic growth and stability for all of its employees.


This list has an outstanding characteristic that explains its success: the demand. These were the most resilient jobs because the confinement and the Covid-19 crisis allowed their services’ innovation. In addition, we can highlight how the tech industry played an essential role in developing all these activities—a message that science will help us in the future to overcome new threats.

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