What Is Kinesiology Tape And What Are Its Benefits?

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Kinesiology Tape And Its Benefits - Lifestyle Glitz
Lifestyle Glitz - Kinesiology Tape

Lifestyle Glitz – Kinesiology Tape

Maybe you’ve seen those colorful tape sets in interesting configurations and have been wondering what they were. The bright colors are there just for aesthetics. The real benefit of these tapes lies in their adhesive pattern, elasticity, and method of application. What makes the Kinesiology Tape different from other therapeutic tapes is the fact they do not completely immobilize joints and muscles. Thus allowing the circulation to flow normally.

It is proved that injured muscles and joints actually heal faster when they are allowed to move freely. Depending on the type of injury, they can be used as the only therapy or in combination with other methods, like physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, and other. You can easily obtain it by yourself, but it may be better to have it applied by a professional. There are certainly some therapy centers nearby that can provide the service. Its benefits are numerous and it helps relieve a variety of problems, so here are just a few most notable.

Kinesiology Tape Relieves Pain

Kinesiology tape doesn’t contain any topical substances or medications, yet it can very successfully help reduce the pain thanks to its elasticity. It’s efficient in relieving both acute and chronic pain by lifting the skin slightly and thus reducing the pressure on the sensitive under-skin pain receptors. It also stimulates the pain pathways and creates a stimulus that helps prevent the pain signals reaching the brain. Its “specialty” are the so-called “hot” injuries, which are not so severe, but the pain they cause is out of proportion.

It Helps With Swelling and Inflammation

As it reduces pressure on the channels for lymph drainage channels, it facilitates removal of fluids and other matters that may accumulate in the injured spot. This means the kinesiology tape can help not only with sports injuries but also with post-surgical recovery or similar inflammatory processes, including severe extremities swelling.

Enhances the Healing Of Bruises and Contusions

The Kinesiology tape has an incredible and very fast effect on bruises healing as the help remove the blood which accumulated under the skin due to the injury. The way to achieve this is to apply the tape over the bruised area in a fan-like pattern. The bruising is relieved thanks to the same lifting principle, as previously described. It should do the work within a couple of days.

It’s Good for Overused Muscles

This tape enhances circulation, which boosts the oxygen and nutrients delivery into the overworked muscles. This, in turn, prevents the muscle cramps and spasms or at least relieves them. As you probably know, fatigued muscles contain the byproducts of physical exercise. For instance, lactic acid, which can cause stiffness and pain. Sometimes it can even prevent you from continuing the training. Again, using the same mechanism, when applied to the problematic area, the kinesiology tape speeds up the elimination of byproducts, thus enhancing the recovery. In a wider context, along with faster blood flow, which provides a more efficient oxygen delivery, the kinesiology tape could improve the overall endurance and performance, as well as enhance recovery in case of high intensity, repetitive muscle efforts. In other words,

Improves Strength and Tone in Weak Muscles

There are some muscular and neurological conditions, which can render muscles so weak. It becomes virtually impossible to do any exercise, which should be a crucial part of the recovery process. In such cases, the kinesiology tape provides the muscle support, in the first place, but not only. It can also enhance muscle activation and help increase the efficiency of the therapeutic exercises.

It is particularly effective in cases of hypotonia, especially in young infants and children. Hypotonia is a condition that includes poor muscle tone, which restricts their ability to learn how to crawl, sit up, etc. Kinesiology tape can help with facilitating mobility and improving the posture.

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