Ways of how to Ingest CBD (Cannabidiol)

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How to Injest CBD (Cannabidiol)

Ways of how to Ingest CBD

Ever wondered how long it would take to ingest CBD product to work in you after you have ingested it? When taken sublingually i.e. dissolved in the mouth, it has been noted to take between 20 to 30 minutes to enter the system, this can be done when tinctures are placed under the tongue for a few seconds then swallowed.

However, if you take it via pills or capsules, it may take up to an hour to feel its effects or digest in your respiratory system but it has been seen to last longer in the body in this form, i.e. sometimes up to an hour usually and the higher the dose you take the longer it tends to stay in your body, here is some information about that online.

In other words, the length of time it takes will depend on the form of product you are using, and below is some information on the various choices one has when trying to introduce how to ingest CBD into their life-styles either for recreational purposes or to treat something specific such as pain or inflammation.

Different Formats of Ingesting CBD


Earlier we mentioned the sublingual form of ingesting this hemp plant extract. To elaborate, it is the method of using tinctures and oils that a person drops under the tongue for at least 60 seconds, before swallowing it. This is the quickest method to ingest CBD because large blood vessel can absorb it through the tissues under the tongue.

Usually, when you place any liquids under the tongue it can surpass the thin membrane and enters your bloodstream efficiently. Plus, it takes the least amount of effort and a majority amount of it the body can consume as opposed to wasting it via other means. It works in under 5 minutes


Another very popular form of inhaling smoke, companies are producing it in a much pure form via CBD oils which you can smoke in the comfort of your own home without having any side-effects or harmful toxins penetrating your system. This may just be even quicker than the method above.

The vape pen, consists of an atomizer, which is the heating part, and a chamber which holds the CBD oil in it, plus the mouthpiece which you suck through helps to ingest CBD. Further information can be found online for instance on this website Cheefbotanicals.com. Once you inhale the vapors, just like the membranes under your tongue, there are similar ones in your lungs that allow for the absorption of the natural substance into your bloodstream. This method shows results within one minute.


When one apply a product such as a cream, balms, or lotions directly to the skin, pores immediately absorb it, and this is an example of topical application. When done on an area needing treatment it can help relieve the effects and symptoms of pain or inflammation. This process can take several minutes to ingest CBD depending on the strength of the product you use and the medical condition you are treating.


There are oral intakes available such as capsules or pills, and they usually break down in our gastrointestinal system. This is a longer process than the sublingual or vaporizing options and can take somewhere in the range of between half an hour to one hour to start working or feeling the effects. According to the Oral Clinic Research Centre, there are a few different factors that will depend on how long pills take to metabolize in the body.

The consensus depends on your weight, age, gender, the PH level of your stomach, time of the day, and stress levels. Yes, some of these aren’t even things we would normally consider, but they’re there and are one of the ways that can help ingest CBD.

As you can see with the above information there are several ways you can choose to ingest CBD whether you’re a patient person or not, from the quickest ones to the longest ones, they’re all just as beneficial. The recommendation here is that when you purchase any of the above by-products, make sure you use a reputable source, online or in the stores and find the purest form possible with less than the legal limit of less than 0.3% THC.

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