Top 5 Amazing Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home

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12 · 08 · 17
Top 5 Amazing Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home

Interior decor is difficult. Affordability aside, it makes you think, “… does this pillow match the wall? And does the wall match the tables I bought?” The questions go on and there are literally hundreds of ideas for home decor if you type it up in the Google search bar. Fear not! Lifestyle Glitz presents interior decor ideas for your home that rookies can handle.

For those of you who do not have a very large budget, a DIY project might sound tempting. But DIY home decor projects can be time-consuming not to mention, difficult. Much like every other person who has decided to try his or her hands at a DIY project, you must know it is more difficult than it seems. Unlike all those pretty Pinterest tutorials for interior decor ideas for your home in which people make great furniture by hand, some people (like me) are kind of clumsy.

Low Budget Interior Decor Ideas for Your Home

So, how to decorate a house on a budget? Steal your sister’s furniture, perhaps (kidding!), or just open your wallet and buy new furniture? Well, there are plenty of ways to go about it, but Interior Decor for any space in your house does not have to be as complicated as you think they are.

The first project comes from the Spruce, which not only provides home decor ideas but also provides advice on what to save. It also suggests what to invest in when you are choosing your pieces for home decor items you should spend money on new furniture, art, good lightning, any piece that is older than 50 years. You discover old and “real materials.” When saving money, it comes to rugs, throw pillows and lightning, side tables, hardware’s, and accessories. By the way, do you know that if you were planning to sell your home, great interior décor ideas would help increase the value of your home?

The Monochromatic Bedroom

An exciting project is the Monochromatic Bedroom by The Spruce. Now, for some people, using one color might be one of the most boring ideas for home decor but The Spruce explains that every color has dozens of shades.

Even if you use one color, you might use different variations of the same color. It does not necessarily mean that using other same color is wrong or against the rules. In fact, using white or neutral colors to balance the one color you choose. It is all in the specific shades you choose. If you use an obnoxious shade of the color like fuchsia and yellow, then obviously, no amount of furniture is going to be able to shift the attention from there. You can turn it into one of the best interior decor ideas for your home by exploring your imagination.

Washi Tape

If you feel, however, that such a big project is perhaps very money or time consuming for you well, here is an interior decor idea for your home that is easy to DIY, quick, and affordable. In this tutorial by Jessica Okui republished on Martha Stewart’s website, there are step-by-step instructions for a paper crane, which I will explain briefly.

First, use a pencil, tape measure, and ruler to draw a grid with the squares the size that you require. Use a figure to refer to when you are making the crane. Second, start by placing the tape on the grid. It does not matter if the tape overlaps.

Third, use the scissors to trim the places where the tape overlaps. Keep in mind, however, that you should not limit yourself to a paper crane. So long as you have an idea or an artistic hand (or an artistic friend) you can create any decoration you want with tape. You get to choose the color, the pattern of the tape, the design you want. You pretty much have a free hand in this interior decor idea for your home.

Wallpaper Revamp

Changing the walls of a bedroom can make an old room look completely new. Interior Designer Summer Thorton, gives her personal tips for using wallpaper, in an interview with Popsugar. She says that patterns used to make an amazing statement, and you should not be afraid to pick something bold when it comes to wallpaper after all.

When you are brainstorming interior decor ideas for your home, not every single little piece has to match. It is not likely to in fact. So be prepared for using different patterns over patterns, while it can be daunting, as Summer Thorton says, “it takes practice.” If you are on a low budget, you can do an “accent wall.”

Essentially, you pick one wall in the room that you want to decorate and use wallpaper on that wall only. You do not have to hand wallpaper in every single corner in the wall, you can place wallpaper in all the walls but not the ceiling, and you can choose the places where you want to place the wallpaper. Pretty neat for a piece of paper, don’t you think. If you are looking for some inspiration for wallpaper, this slideshow from ElleDecor has some pretty ideas.

String Art

If your home decor ideas are not very or bold, then this small tutorial is what you need. In this tutorial by Six Clever Sisters, they laid out the steps to creating a decoration piece. All you need is wood, strings, and nails. First, you write down the word you want to use. Those who have good calligraphy can get away with it. If not, you can find images and print them printing out. You can type it too or use the helpful template they have provided.

Next, assemble three pieces of wood about 0.5 inches thick and 3x 16 long. Place all three pieces together and place two pieces of wood on the back. To those wood pieces, hammer the nails. This way you ensure that your three pieces of wood are secure.

Tape the template on the side of the wood that does not have the two pieces of wood attached to it. Stick the template with tape and hammer the nails to make the shape of the word.

Finally, use a string in order to make the shape of the word. You will end up with a lovely piece of decoration, which you can either hang on the wall.

Art pieces

Now, this might sound like an expensive interior decor idea for your home but HouseBeautiful provides with a slideshow of ideas we can use. You can save some money making your own art. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using spray paint and letting the creative juices flow. You can paint what your heart wishes but, if that is not what you want, then you might consider using frames and hang your favorite art.

If you have children, hang their art, the art of anyone that is close to you. If, you feel as if you can also consider making a mural out of one of the walls in the bedroom you should do it. However if you feel like this is too much effort, you can just browse the internet for artwork and print it and frame it and hang it.

So, now that you have seen interior decor ideas for your home, you might want to go on and get started.

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