Top 10 Places to Travel to in the World

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9 · 15 · 17
Top 10 Places to Travel to in the World - Lifestyle Glitz

Making time for your family so that you can bond and make beautiful memories is a very important part of our lives. While busy schedules and working 9 hours a day is becoming a necessity and making lifestyle complicated, you can take a break by visiting these top 10 places in the world. Travel to one place at a time to keep yourself healthy as you make time to relax and stay away from the tensions and hassles of modern society.

Travel to these 10 Places


Maldives is a place where you will find enough waters to swim in and explore underwater life at its best. If you want the ideal location, where you can find four-star resorts to pamper yourself, then this is where you’d want to be. Spanning along the southwest equator of Sri Lanka, 1,102 islands all together form the great Maldives. It is where you will find several stunning palm-fringed sceneries formed by the archipelago. There are lots of amazing things to do in Maldives.

Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

This island lies along the Kohala Coast, and it is the quintessential Hawaiian spot of the Big Island of Aloha State. It is a crescent shaped beach where you will find amazing blue waters, palm trees, clear skies, and white sand. Visitors find many sunbathing and swimming venues, and beachgoers can snorkel or ride boogie boards as much as they want. However, there are no lifeguards, so parents should beware and cautious. It’s a remarkable place for a quiet and calm vacation.


This is beyond any doubt one of the most photographed places in the world. The turquoise colored beaches are breathtakingly fresh, surrounded by pink sands that go by the name Anse Source d’Argent unfurls and spread across the La Digue Island. This is part of the 115 components of the archipelago lying in the Indian Ocean. The granite boulders towering over the sparkling sand add breathtaking appeal to the scene here. The boulders have stood strong against time and the weather over centuries. You will find some attractive reefs here to explore.

Fraser Island, Australia

Situated at the Queensland coast on the northeastern side of Brisbane, this island is the largest sand island in the world. It is where you will find a wonderful beach to spend time in the lovely waters. This is where the World Heritage Site is, and ecologists have maintained an unspoiled natural environment that is a reminder of paradise. There are rain forests that have trees that are approximately 1000 years old. The lodgings here have a variety of accommodation options for tourists and have something for resort fans and ecology lovers.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

If you want to visit a magical island, then Bora Bora is where you should go. This island makes the French Polynesia, which lies in the South Pacific. The island is approximately 18 miles long, with lush greenery that protects the lagoon. You will find beautiful white sandy shores, where Matira Point is very famous. Many know Bora Bora as a “Romantic Island.” It has many romantic hotels, isolated beaches.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai is a place where you can find palm trees, sparkling sand, lush tropical plants, beaches, and lots of sunshine. The beaches are scenic and very relaxing, so if you want a vacation where life is quiet and calm, then you must head here. The coral reef is a great place to spend time at, with deep green waters to surf in all through the day.

The Hamptons, New York

This is probably one of the trendiest places to visit, and the Hamptons prides itself in having the most attractive beaches. The shoreline of this vacation spot begins close to Southampton and goes all the way to the east, ending at Montauk. You will see windswept dunes, grassy borders along the Atlantic Ocean and other places.

St. Bart’s

This is one of the islands lying in the Caribbean Sea. You must travel here. It has a French relaxation style and has several beautiful secluded beaches, hotels, cuisines, and playgrounds. The Jet Set is very famous and a place you must visit. This island has twenty beaches and several small coves where sunbathers and swimmers can find white sands and sparkling waters.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Nantucket Island is very famous in North Atlantic and a great travel destination because of the beaches found here, named Children’s and Surfside. These beaches have calm waters and lots of sand for sunbathing and castle-building fun. Madaket Beach has made its name in the world as the ideal place for viewing the sunset and for its rough surf. The Quidnet Beach also allows visitors a great view of the famous Sankaty Head lighthouse.

Langkawi, Malaysia

The translation of the word “Langkawi” means “the land of one’s wishes” and it has a welcoming environment. Historically, it has a reputation as the place where pirates sought refuge. It became a modern hideaway for travelers who want a place to escape the modernized world. The island has white sands and lush green scenic forests where you will find lots of adventure and peace. The Datai Bay at Pulau Langkawi is where the Andaman Sea retreat lies, which is heavenly.

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