Tips To Prevent And Control Bed Bugs

Written by Rohani Egbert
7 · 23 · 19
Tips To Prevent And Control Bed Bugs

The mention of bed bugs can lead to panic inside the house. These tiny creatures have a habit of feeding on humans while they sleep in their beds. Bed bugs are found everywhere including residences, schools, hotels, offices and retail stores. However, these bugs can be controlled and eliminated if you take the right measures. Here are some tips to help prevent bed bugs in your home.

1. Ensure they are bed bugs and not other insects:

If you want to eliminate these bugs from your home, you first need to know that they are present. Do not mistake other insects for the bugs. You need to be able to identify bed bugs so that you can take the right steps to control them. 

2. Do not panic:

It might be difficult to prevent these bugs completely but it is not impossible. Do not throw away all your things out of panic because it can be treated and saved. When you throw stuff out it could also spread the bugs to other people’s homes and this will lead to even more stress for you. 

3. Consider different treatment options:

Do not pick the spray can straightaway. Think through different treatment options and be strategic in your approach. You can simply call an expert who will use the latest tools and technology to offer you a solution that helps get rid of bugs and will prevent them from entering your house. 

4. Clean the clutter:

If you have a messy home, it will provide more space for the bugs to enter and hide and this makes treating them difficult. If you see the bugs under your mattress, you need to use bed bug covers on the mattress as it makes harder for the bugs to reach you when you sleep. Buy products that have been tested for the bugs and remove any hiding place inside your home. 

5. Wash and heat-dry your bed sheet regularly: 

You need to remain very particular to this. Wash and heat-dry blankets, bedsheets and any other clothing which touches the floor from time to time. It will reduce bed bugs significantly. Bed bugs also have a hiding place in laundry hampers, hence, remember to clean it whenever you do laundry. 

6. Do not pass on the bed bugs to others:

When you throw away a mattress or any piece of clothing which has the bugs on it, you need to slash it or destroy it in some manner so that nobody takes it. Bed bugs are good hitchhikers and they will simply move from your home to somebody else’s and it will only cause trouble to someone else. 

You can get rid of the bugs through vacuuming. You need to carefully vacuum the floors, furniture, rugs, under beds, bed frames, around bed legs and cracks in the room. Change the vacuum bag after every use so that they cannot escape. If you still notice them in your house, call a professional. 

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