Time Management: After School Routine Kids Should Have

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
6 · 08 · 17
Time Management: After School Routine Kids Should Have

Kids nowadays are too busy with their cell phones. They have a personal life, as adults do. Sounds crazy, I know but this is true. When they come home, they rush to their room, turn on the Wi-Fi, and don’t want anyone to disturb them. However, what do they do with their cell phones? Why don’t they have enough time to do their homework or study as we used to when we were kids? It’s time you encourage time management!

Where Is Their Time Management Going Wrong?

Here’s what they are doing …

First, they open Facebook! This is where their lives begin and end. They share the latest update, like “I’m eating strawberries”, “I’m watching Frozen”, etc. Some love making check-ins from different places, and this is why they go to places with friends once they close from school. Depending on how decent their friends are, some kids even go to forbidden places like bars and clubs. They never make it home in time for lunch.

To add to the trouble, mobile games are too easy to download. You can find numerous free games online. Kids would rather spend time gaming instead of studying. At other times, they would rather watch a movie and stay up too late. Next morning they are exhausted not ready to learn anything.

However, with proper guidance and cell phone monitoring, parents can make things better. They can teach their kids to use their cell phone responsibly and manage time in a better way.

Questions Parents are Not Asking

Is your kid missing homework and getting too many recesses? Is your child always sleepy and stuck with the cell phone? Are you wondering what he or she does with the smartphone late into the night? It is important for kids to make enough time for homework and self-study. As a parent, you may have given them all the talk they need, but if there is no change, using a monitoring app is your best shot. I used Mspy and loved it.

What Can a Monitoring App Tell You?

With it, you can see what at times your child was busy on a call, texting, browsing, and even monitor WhatsApp and other messengers. You can see what apps he or she has installed and if gaming addiction is causing poor time management. Moreover, you can even track your kid using the inbuilt GPS tracker and geofencing tool too. You can give your kid a smartphone knowing that you can always track their activity.

This way, you can know where you kid spends time while he or she is not home on time and is keeping secrets. If talking fails, you can remotely lock the cell phone and block unwanted apps too. Besides, you can always pull the plug when you feel things aren’t working in the right direction and lock the smartphone remotely. You can make sure they sleep on time, do their homework, and use their cell phone responsibly keeping time management a priority. Monitoring apps like the Mspy make parenting so much easier.

You can find numerous other similar apps on Google Play Store. Thank you for making time to read this blog. Feel free to share your thoughts or suggestions about it down below in the comments section. You may want to read about the “Mobile Spy Apps – All that Parents Need.”

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