The Spirit of Ramadan and Eid

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 13 · 18
The Spirit of Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr

With Eid coming up, the markets have been crowded with people especially after iftar. Lahori’s sure know how to celebrate occasions even in this hot weather. There’s a whole sea of people that come out to the markets especially after the iftar and it’s extremely crowded at all public places. With such crowds in the markets, there are many people who prefer to shop online from the comfort of their homes.

Many people dislike the idea of going out to such crowded places, while others just do not want to go out in the summer season. In past few years, the graph of online shopping has gone way up and now almost all the brands offer this facility to their customers. This trend of online shopping has given birth to shops that solely exist online and have no conventional stores.

Pakistani Traditional Dresses for Eid

All of the brands introduced their Eid collection ’18 and many of the items went out of stock soon after the release of the products. Many of these brands offer a onetime chance only and thus making the products unique since everyone cannot have these designer clothes. Once they go out of stock, they are not re-stocked, which makes them even more desirable.

But the bling of known markets in Lahore is still jam-packed proving that their time is not over yet. The excitement of going to Liberty market and having a plate of traditional gol gappas along with buying clothes, bangles and every necessary item for Eid, still has its own charms. Girls gossiping with their friends and sisters or family while having an ice-cream and going through dresses at a shop And it especially rises in the last week of Ramadan with the rise in excitement of people for Eid.

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Lessons from Ramadan and Celebrating Eid

The holy month of Ramadan, along with teaching us patience, also teaches us the virtue of giving, empathy towards people who have to go through such circumstances on daily basis and makes us more inclined towards helping them in every way possible. And it is important to keep in mind these learnings while we are busy in celebrating Eid.

A society can only prosper when we, as individuals, decide to play our role towards the betterment of it. Sharing happiness with others, who are not able to be a part of all this bling, is a virtue in itself and little acts of kindness go a long way and they sure find their way back to us in the time of need.

Spread the Spirit of Celebration

Eid and KaarvanLet’s make as many people, a part of our Eid celebrations, as we can. Imagine the happiness of a daughter who just wants a new set of bangles and some henna for herself but is not able to afford it, and someone gifts it to her. Imagine the happiness of her father, and imagine the amount of prayers that they will make for the person who makes them a part of his/her celebrations. These small gifts, these small acts of love and small steps towards a better society where everyone can celebrate an occasion without having to worry about little things, to take everyone with us in this journey of life, is also a teaching of Islam.

From the spirit and blessings of Ramadan to the celebrations of Eid, from keeping fast for a whole month to the joys of shopping for Eid, there is a lot for us to learn in every step. It depends on whether or not we are open enough for these learnings to be a part of our daily life or we just choose to discard them after a month, the choice is ours!

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