The Key to Happiness & Success – The Law of Attraction

Written by Anum Zehra
1 · 01 · 22

Many people believe that thoughts significantly impact peoples’ personal and professional lives. In philosophy, this phenomenon is “the law of attraction,” suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive change and negative thoughts may get negative outcomes.

Hence thoughts are a form of energy, which can lead us to happiness and success. If you can apply the law of attraction in life, you will feel many positive changes come your way. However, it would help if you kept in mind that change takes time. The law of attraction needs persistence and consistency. If you think positively and focus on something you need for a week, but due to some incident begin to doubt your wish, the accumulating positive energies will suffer a dip. This will push your efforts towards succeeding and thinking positive a few steps back again. Good things take time to happen, hold on to this belief firmly and never stop thinking positive.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction for Positivity

To help you to start working with the law of attraction, here’s a checklist of things to do or introduce into your life.

  • Do things that are delightful for you. A big tight hug to your loved one can be a good start for positive energy.
  • Make positive gestures. For example, leaving a small thank-you note for your colleague can motivate him for better work and promote good teamwork. Such a positive gesture may result in the overall success of your company.
  • Motivation plays a vital role in your success, so if you are trying hard to achieve your dreams, it is crucial to have true dedication towards your goal. For that reason, you must possess a positive attitude.
  • Positivity creates a positive atmosphere so that a positive mindset can make a healthy connection even in your relationships. It is a common belief that happy parents raise happy children; therefore, it is essential to have positive bonding between your relations.
  • Primarily, people run after better opportunities and to grab those opportunities, they miss the precious joy of life, which ultimately creates bitterness in their life. Learning is something we need to encourage, no matter the circumstances. But, of course, following your dreams is not harmful unless it starts affecting your current life alacrity.
  • Lastly, avoid the ‘negative’ company. Surround yourself with people who understand you and are supportive of you. Avoid toxic and negative people who can ruin your efforts to stay positive. There is a famous belief that surrounding yourself with successful people makes you successful. After all, they tend to spread their positive energies, and they are bound to help you.

We will leave you to work on your positive aura with these tips on using the law of attraction. Focus on yourself; prioritize yourself. Your life is about you, and you have the power to make it good, so use your positivity to change your destiny!


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