The Basics of Wedding Reception Lighting

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The Basics of Wedding Reception Lighting

Lighting plays a major role when it comes to enhancing the ambiance of any location. All you have to do is add some of it and your wedding décor will transform the place into an ultimate glamorous one. Yes, the fact remains that lighting has the power to make everything appear better. Right from your wedding cake, the theme decor, and custom decor, to your wedding guests, the ideal kind of wedding reception lighting will help to highlight all the details you spent on for hours.

The right wedding reception lighting will also allow you to create some awesome pictures, with the right amount of sparkles and lets you spend less on the entire décor. True, it is that impactful. Lighting is more like the jewel of a space, similar to how just a certain mix of accessories and light can make an outfit appear right, the lights can help to transform the reception and make it an unforgettable one.

Here’s the right way you should plan your wedding lighting.

Tips for Choosing Your Kind of Wedding Reception Lighting

It may be that you love candlelight, but the country club has some restrictions or has the “no open-flame” policy, or simply you wish to string thousands of twinkle style lightings to match with the outdoor table arrangements, but then a lack of options makes it an expensive idea. Note that your lighting has to be a match for your wedding venue and budget. Right before you have your heart all set on a particular lighting, you should consult Let’s Celebrate Events designers for ideas on the lighting.

In rare cases, you may have to bring in lighting specialists, since some venues do not offer this particular service. However, engaging an expert also has its benefits. You should evaluate whether space you choose ever had previous partners with lighting capabilities. Some experts can also make suggestions and show you some of their pictures on the lighting arrangements.

Finding the Wedding Reception Lighting Expert

Keep in mind some ways through which you can find your wedding lighting specialist are available. You can ask your event planner or the wedding florist to help you with their style of lighting. If they cannot help you with the lighting, they can contact other professionals who may have worked with them on the site before and then ask to see some of their light transformation arrangements. You should not be surprised if the lighting designer also has a background type theater. So many experts also use this technology as well as a technique for weddings to create some dramatic sets for their stage.

Understand the Lighting Lingo

According to Amy Nichols, president at Let’s Celebrate Events,

There are some common lighting types that people use for weddings, and it is advisable that you understand them before you decide to use them at your wedding.”

Color Wash: Essentially, a colored blanket of lighting covering the entire area can create the best mood or change the look of the built-in décor.

Gobos: Sometimes, circular stencils all over a light help to project a pattern or design into the ceiling or wall and floor. You can ask your event planners to add some dates, monograms, and wedding motifs as the popular designs.

Pin Spot: You can have a focused light beam that directly shines onto an image, more like a wedding cake and centerpiece as a highlighting effect.

LED: The trend to use light emitting diodes is a common one. Since they use less electricity and not as hot as the regular types of incandescent lights. You can also have wireless options, which makes them the best discreet option. Have some color changing ones that come with vibrant hues. You can also have some wedding colors that match your wedding décor.

String Type Lighting: Using strands of lights is also a popular trend. It helps to create magical effects and the installation could be a labor-intensive process, but rest assured that having the lighting is a friendly budget.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Arrangement

Right, where you celebrate also affects the kind of lighting you need. Right before you settle for the appropriate concept, you can try to plan a visit of the venue for the same time as your wedding, this should give you a better chance of how bright the sun would make the lawn appear, and the amount of lighting the indoor area will require.

When hosting indoors, you would also want to walk through space with the vision of the lighting in mind and have a pro by your side. Note that even if the indoor space has enough lighting, additional options such as hanging chandeliers can help to convey the right vibe for you. You should look around, see the type of wedding reception lighting the venue has, and choose the best ones accordingly.

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? If the time is at night, this should help you to identify the amount of illumination the area needs to keep the space bright. You should also take note of all the outdoor outlets and you can ask if the venue you choose permits it.

Lighting as you can see is an important element at weddings. It is best that you consult the right wedding reception lighting experts and ask them for further assistance before you choose the final option.

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