Sunrise in the West Predicted by NASA in 1000 Years

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
8 · 24 · 19
Sunrise in the West Predicted by NASA in 1000 Years

Scientists released a statement on confirming that the Earth is heading towards a massive shift. This event will mean that the sun will rise from the west and compasses will point south.

What Count the Sunrise in the West Mean

Sunrise in the WEST: Scientists warn magnetic poles SWITCHING and North  could become south | Science | News |

Climate changes will be inevitable as well. There will be a catastrophe worldwide. Speculations are that it could wipe out the entire human race. Scientists believe a similar incidence wiped out the Neanderthals several thousands of years ago. We could be looking at our own extinction in the near future.

How Much Time Do We Have

Apart from the earthquakes, scientists believe that we could be 1000 years away from this catastrophe. This event will weaken us and earth will be at the mercy of solar storms when the sun releases its radiations towards earth in the switched position.

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The power of the corneal ejections is so intense; the Northern Lights auroras are quite visible in the Northern hemisphere. Because our magnetic field surrounding earth protects us, we have been safe from these ejections.

The scientist who conducts researches on geomagnetic at the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris, Jean-Pierre Valet, reportedly said:

“The most dramatic changes that occur when the poles reverse is a very large decrease of the total field intensity.”

Without magnetic protection, global communications, and power supplies will be off, leading to riots and fires all over the streets. Skin cancer levels will soar because earth will lose the ozone layer and there we will lose our UV screen.

As reported by, the scientific director of the Niemegk Geomagnetic Observatory at GFZ Potsdam in Germany, Monika Korte, added that:

“It’s not a sudden flip, but a slow process, during which the field strength becomes weak, very probably the field becomes more complex and might show more than two poles for a while, and then builds up in strength and [aligns] in the opposite direction.”

Controversy on this Theory

Some scientists are not in agreement with the fact that a switch in magnetic fields if we experience the sunrise in the west. They are not convinced that the reversal would lead to extinction. They argue that even if the fields around our planet become weak, the surface of the earth will remain shielded from radiations.

Nevertheless, it is sure that at some time, the sunrise in the west is inevitable.

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