Summer Wedding Colors to Look Cool and Elegant

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4 · 09 · 18
Summer Wedding Colors to Look Cool and Elegant

Summer weddings in India are rare for a reason. Indian summers are just not right for bridal makeup, wedding dance, all the ethnic wear, and jeweler. But what can one do if the Shubh Muhurat for you this year is in the middle of summer and one thought which might be worrying you “is there any banquet halls near me which provides all the facilities at an affordable price”? Worse still, you might have thought your wedding date is supposed to be close to spring, but global warming made sure the climate jumped straight into summer from winter. You only have the summer wedding colors to make you look good.

Summer Weddings

We all have to abide by some rules, because of traditions, or because of our parents, and sometimes just because of our timelines. There are two types of summer weddings. First, one is the kind that has to happen in summer because there is no choice, as described. Second, one is where the bride and groom choose to go for a summer wedding. Some people just want to watch the world burn, don’t they?

Inconvenience decking up

So, for whatsoever reason, you are getting married in summer, or you are going to attend a wedding in the summer. Winters are easy to dress up. Wear your heaviest ethnic wear in multiple layers, wear the darkest of colors. You can do whatever you want. But in summer, you need to think about the comfort first of all. You do not want to perspire your makeup off. You need minimal decking up but that is not good enough for weddings. You’re in a pickle.

Summer Wedding Colors Magic

 Summer Wedding Colors to Look Cool and Elegant

Every problem comes with a solution. If a problem doesn’t have a solution, it is not a problem, it is a disaster. But your summer wedding dress up need not be a disaster. When you go for light fabric, you need to jazz it up to fit a wedding evening with the help of all the summer wedding colors. When the material of your wedding outfit is summer cool, the Colors need to be hot.

Warm Weather Warmer Colors

Beat the sun with sunshine shades like orange and yellow. Usually balancing off is done with contrasting shades. But why not embrace the summer? Wear bright summer wedding colors like red, orange, yellow, and purple. Pink and yellow is a welcome combination. Go for more yellow and just touches of pink. Shine bright like the sun yourself.

You can never go wrong with red. But if you think that is way too common a color for a wedding, team it up with other bright summer wedding colors like royal blue or purple. Look unique with these unique color combinations.

The advantage of wearing such statement Colors is, you do not have to wear a lot of makeup or too much jeweler with it. In fact, the golden rule is a contrasting balance between the brightness of the outfit, and the makeup on the face. So, you are covered.

Cool Summer Colors

If you like pastels or light summer wedding colors in general, or if you think wearing lighter Colors will make you feel less hot, suit yourself. But the color only affects how hot you feel if you are standing out in the sun, that too, negligibly. So, the only good reason for you to wear light summer wedding COLORS is, you want to.

You will be spoilt for choice in pastels. Pastels have always been the head turner at weddings. Lilac, peach, light pink, white, lemon yellow, salmon, there are so many wonderful pastels. You can go all monochrome and make sure there is some silver embellishment on your attire. It is a wedding after all. Alternatively, you can team up your pastel outfit with a darker shade to complement it.

Wear Pastel and Dark or Bright Color

It is a little tricky to get the pastel and dark or bright color combination right. Keep looking until you find the perfect combination for summer wedding colors. You will know when you see it. You will know that is the one. Choosing an outfit is thankfully easier than choosing a life partner. But in case you need some help anyway, here are some suggestions.

Brown goes very well with almost any shade of pastel. It is a dark, yet sober color. Maroon too has a similar effect. Just make sure the darker shade covers just about 30 percent of the surface area of the outfit and no more.

The best idea to brighten up a pastel shade is to go for a blouse or choli in a darker shade of the same color. For example, a light lilac lehenga with a purple choli, or a light peach saree with an orange blouse. The contrast will be very symmetrical.

Don’t forget to match your accessories with the darker shade covering the minor part of your outfit. Also, wear a dark lipstick but keep your eye makeup light if it is a daytime wedding.

Collaborate with the Bride

Not too long ago, the bride started wearing pastels too. So, if you are not the bride yourself but close to her, find out what color she is wearing. Since it is a summer wedding, chances are, she will be wearing pastels too. Get a different color but do not compromise on your pastel goals. You don’t want to look like you want to ape the bride, and you don’t want to make her feel you are trying to steal her thunder. If you don’t know her that closely, wearing similar pastel shades might just be the ice breaker topic to start the small talks.

Summer weddings are tricky. The bride has to hold a lot of patience to get through the day with grace. If you are a close guest, a host, or a co-host, you will need to keep your outfit light, so go for pastels with a statement contrast, or a bright ethnic color combination on a light fabric. Wear your hair down, or tie it up neatly. Do just what makes you more comfortable. Comfort is happiness. A happy, comfortable face is the ultimate style so choose your summer wedding colors smartly.

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