Printing Mistakes to Avoid for CBD Packaging Boxes

Written by Andy Glibert
9 · 24 · 19
Printing Mistakes to Avoid for CBD Packaging Boxes

CBD oil, gel, and other products are being widely consumed for their health benefits especially for their ability to combat depression and anxiety. If you have a whole range of CBD products, packaging them rightly and uniquely can work wonders for your business. Signature packaging for these items is likely to make your brand’s name worth remembering with the customers. The impact of well-designed and quality printed custom CBD boxes is beyond sales and branding, it assists business with building a loyal consumer base. So if you aim all this, brace yourselves for understanding the essentials of valuable packaging.

CBD packaging boxesYou should also familiarize yourself with the recurrently made printing mistakes that can cost you money, time and buyers’ trust. First of all, you need to be clear about the specifications and design for your CBD packaging. Choosing a competent and professional printer is an endeavor that will make your venture quite easy and effortless. So make certain that the printing company you are trusting for product packaging has the requisite expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to deliver what you are looking for. Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid when printing packaging for CBD items!

Choosing Low-Quality Material for CBD Packaging

This might not happen on purpose, you might be lured into selecting a stock that is low priced and seems fine for the packaging. Do your research on the printing material options to know the thickness, weight, enduring ability, and other features to make a better decision. You can take assistance from the printer to enlighten you about varying material types and their usage. If you are opting for cardboard, make sure to check all the essentials that are necessary for evaluating the robustness and finesse of this stock. Don’t fall for exceedingly cheap material as it would not be able to protect the contents of your oil, gel and other CBD products. The choice of stock is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your items, you can’t risk it just for the sake of saving money.

Selecting an Inappropriate Size for CBD Box Packaging

Choosing the right size for CBD packaging Boxes is as important as accurate printing material. You need to know which box size should be customized for your CBD oil, gel or other items. You can ask the printer to provide you detailed guidelines and even then if you feel confused, have a look at the commonly used packaging specs for these products to get a better idea. Make sure that the box size matches your product packaging, safety, and storage requirements. Making the wrong choice can affect the quality of your products. Using too big or very small packaging dimensions is not a good idea; the size of the box should be capacious enough to contain the item but shouldn’t be inappropriately large or tiny considering the product.

Not Checking Misprints and Text Details for Custom CBD Packaging Boxes

Misprints, wrong product details and grammatical errors on the packaging are likely to create a potential bad image about your business. It is wise to have a sample packaging box printed before getting the bulk order. You can correct the color bleeds, text mistakes, and other issues before it’s too late to make amends.

Your CBD Box packaging design should be original and gripping. Don’t copy some other brand’s artwork. Instead, use an original idea even if it is simple.

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