Preparing Garden and Lawn for Spring Season

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Preparing Garden Lawn for Spring Season

Are you ready to welcome the spring? Winter is over, so how can spring be far behind? It is time to put your snow shovels and think of making your lawn look green once more. Winter left your garden lawn with weak grass, shrubs, and trees. After lying dormant for months under the blanket of snow and ice, the lawn becomes unhealthy. Therefore, it is important to take care of your lawn.

Preparing Garden and Lawn for Spring Season - LifestyleGlitz

Here go some of the quick and easy ways to maintain your lawn in the spring season.

You need to rake the garden lawn

Raking will be the first step to take care of your lawn. However, raking is more than just removing dried leaves. It is also for controlling thatch. For thatch, we recommend raking deeply. A deep raking always allows the gardener to remove grass blades that died in the winter and the dead blades.

Now take a quick survey and look at matt patches in which grasses stay stuck. It happens due to a disease called snow mold. Why should you remove it? – Since new grasses have difficulty penetrating, raking will be enough to solve the problem.

Check for compaction

 Say if a lawn is subject to high traffic for years, it will show signs of decline. In such instances, you are sure to see the compacted soil. The presence of moss in your lawn is a big sign of compaction. You can easily get rid of them, using the weed killer. The best ways to eradicate compaction is to apply lawn aeration. You can hire garden lawn aerators in the spring seasons from local rental centers. Yet, some experts do not apply aeration until fall. However, during health checkup of your lawn in spring if you find the compaction, plan aeration in the coming fall.

Remove those weeds & over seeding

 Do you see a lot of crabgrass in your garden lawn after winter? If you find them out of control, prevent them. If you know that your lawn has a problem with annual weed or crabgrass, fertilization in spring should go hand in hand with the use of pre-emergent herbicides. These herbicides shield seed germination.

Since crabgrass begins to assault your lawn after seed germination, carry over-seed in autumn to stop spring invasion. We know you can do it in spring as well but doing so in autumn will make sure that frost kills off the crabgrass.

Trim the tall trees and shrubs

 In the next step, you need to move to the trees and shrubs in your lawn. Cutting tall grass is essential after the lawn defrosts. Most of the trees are dead by now and want to get ready for the next season. You can trim the shrubs on your own, but for big trees, you can hire a professional. However, when you trim, be careful. You want the new growth to be healthy enough to sustain. Do not cut off the limbs that will produce flowers and fruits.

Mow your lawn often

 We know winter is harsh on your garden lawn. Therefore, before you start restoring your lawn in the spring make sure the irrigation system works properly. Check to fix the damaged patio or wooden structure. Clean that deck once the climate is warm with power washing and remove the ice-rink. Keep the lawn mower and your string trimmer ready. Clean, sharpen and oil the pruning shears so that they will be easy to mow.

It is good to fertilize

 You can fertilize your garden lawn using compost and mulch mowers. Experts often prefer light feeding in spring and heavier ones in the fall. It is because of the reason that too much of fertilizers can lead to disease and weed problems. If you have already fertilized in late fall then do not sprinkle again in spring as it will create clogs. Rather, you can use the pre-emergent herbicide or post-emergent to take care of spring lawn after fertilization done in fall.

After you have followed the steps discussed above, do not forget to water your lawns. Deep watering, but less often will make your grassroots grow deep in the soil. With a perfect garden lawn, you are ready to paint the green canvas with colorful flora and fauna and draw a landscape you will love.

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