Mouth Watering Italian Almond Cake

Italy always eagers the attention of tourists by exploring the different and rich variety of food. Vacationists enjoy the western culture, the beautiful natural landscape along with this Mediterranean land also offers a diversity of must eat traditional famous food. Italian food was initiated after the fall of the Roman Empire when different cities got separated from their traditions and cultures.

Different varieties and using different cooking methods, many types of pasta and bread were made by the Italians. Italian cuisine has presented many of the famous dishes to the rest of the world which are cooked and pleasantly enjoyed by the people around different areas of the world.

Italian cuisine is a heavenly mixture of taste and presentation. Italian cuisine has created numerous dishes which include pizzas, pasta, spaghetti, Italian wine, various types of cheese, tiramisu, gelato, and many more mesmerizing recipes and dishes. The traditional specialties, cultural sweet, and savory dishes have been passed through generations.

Italian Sweets

The Italian cuisine is cherished by people all over the world, people are mostly familiar with savory recipes such as pizzas and pastas but Italian cuisines is much more than that it involves several sweet tempting delicacies too. Apart from pastas and pizzas Italian sweet bakery products too several techniques and methods to bake many different types of pastries, breads and cakes were brought by Italians.

Through the passage of time Italian cuisine is much adore by Americans too. There are several restaurants in every area of USA like Sogno Toscano which is providing the best type of Italian food with authentic Italian recipes.

Italian Almond Cake

Italian cuisine is known as the best of all cuisines due to the flavors and fusion of spices and herbs used. Italian cuisine portrays extreme simplicity.

Italian almond cake is simple, sophisticated delicately sweet desert with the plenty of nutty flavor which is most eaten pastry item in every region of USA. An Italian almond cake is best server on various traditional and family gathering. It involves the almonds to keep it simple, delicious and full of nutrition.

What Will Make Italian Almond Cake?

People bake the nutritious almond cake by themselves it is easy and simple bake at home at different occasions all you need is

Blanched sliced almonds, toasted

All-purpose flour

Baking Powder

Baking Soda



Lemon Zest

Almond Extract

Vegetable Oil

Heat the oven take round cake pan then line it with parchment paper it will reduce risk of burning the edge of cake. Gather all the ingredients add one by one in a food processor grind them well. Transfer the mixture in the pan put in the pre heated oven bake until cooked properly. Sprinkle it with roasted almonds and it done.

Nutritious Facts

An Italian almond cake includes a lot of almonds which are good for contorting eye sight and cholesterol. It’s a baked product contains less fats. An Italian almond cake is concerned as a full appetite with full of all nitrous.


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