Are Mens Crew Socks Worn Casually Or Smart-Casually?

Written by Andy Glibert
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Nobody wants to look like a fashion disaster on an event or just casually therefore, wearing a properly matched outfit is very important. The thing which men are most concerned about when it comes to mens crew socks is that weather, they can be worn casually or smart-casually. We know that men’s cotton ankle socks can be worn formally as well as informally however, knowing with which clothing items one can wear crew socks is also very important. Let’s get a deeper insight into things with which the crew socks can be worn.

Understanding Of Casual And Smart-Casual

Before we start, it is important that you know the difference between casual outfits and smart-casual outfits. A casual outfit is a bit formal outfit, but it is fit to be worn on daily basis like for going to the office. In other words, it can be defined as a relaxed and spontaneous outfit in which one does not have to put much effort into putting it together. It usually includes a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers.

Smart-casual outfits can be classified as a bit more formal and a bit less casual. The outfits that come under smart-casual usually include collar shirts, dress pants and polished footwear. The whole outfit should look a bit more like business attire.

Pairing It With Boots

Since crew socks have a greater length than ankle socks due to which they can be paired with medium or high-top shoes. They can be worn with Chelsea boots, sneakers, oxford shoes, brogue shoes, etc. If the crew socks are paired with polished and practical footwear, then the whole attire can be considered smart-casual attire.

Wear Crew Socks With Sneakers

Sneakers come under casual attire and are perfect to be worn with crew socks. They go really well with any color of sneakers which you would want to wear. If you are one of those people who like to wear sneakers a lot, then men’s cotton crew socks are your best option.

Crew socks with loafers

Loafers come under the category of smart-casual and both crew socks and ankle socks can be paired with them. Loafers without socks give an informal and an incomplete look so pairing crew socks with loafers is actually necessary if you want to complete your whole outfit. Villain Inside has some really good quality men’s crew socks so if you need some you might want to check them out.

Now, let’s move onto some of the most frequently asked questions related to men’s crew socks.


Q1: Do you wear socks with causal shoes?

Some people do wear socks with casual shoes whereas some people prefer to go without. It totally depends on you if you like wearing socks then you might as well wear with shoes but if you like to go sockless then that is also your personal decision.

Q2: Which socks are to be worn with formal shoes?

Typically, ankle socks are worn with formal shoes, but you can also wear crew socks. However, keep in mind that sports socks cannot be worn with business shoes. It does not matter whether they are in black or white color. The material of sports socks is thick which can result in it making a bunch over the dress shoe.

Q3: Why do guys not wear socks with dress shoes?

It is just a matter of personal preference as some guys do wear socks with dress shoes whereas the other does not. but since our feet are the sweatiest part of our body therefore if one does not wear socks then excessive moisture accumulation could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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