Making Affordable Long Distance Moves Possible

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Making Affordable Long Distance Moves Possible

Moving is generally difficult, but when you are doing a long distance move, you will also have to contend with the cost of this long trip which according to this article here, can be quite high. Is there a way to make long distance moves more affordable? This is exactly what we will be looking at in this article.

For any kind of moving, whether short distance or long distance, you have the option of using a professional moving company or doing the entire thing yourself. Let’s start by looking at what you can do if you decide to handle your long distance move by yourself.

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Get Moving Boxes

You can cut some cost by sourcing moving boxes from anywhere you can get them. You can also get bubble wraps and other essentials for packing stuff. For long distance moves, you must pack breakable items with extra caution. Look for these with your local retailers, online market places and even family and friends. Having these will make packing your stuff much easier.

Rent a Moving Truck

With all your stuff carefully packed, you can rent a moving truck, pack all the stuff in yourself and then drive the truck to your new location. This makes long distance moves easier to handle and hassle free. You will just have to take care of the rental cost and the cost of the additional gas you will have to get on your way.

Rent a Moving Container

If you do not wish to rent a truck and drive all that long distance, you can decide to rent a moving container. All you will need to do is transfer all your packed stuff into the moving container and the company will take care of the movement. You will, of course, have to handle the offloading of the boxes at the destination point.

Rent a Freight Trailer

This is another option to consider if you do not wish to use the others listed above. When you go for this option, the trailer company will drop off a trailer with you, allowing you about 3 days to transfer your stuff into it. After this is done, they will then come and move the trailer to the new destination where you will then have to move your stuff out of the trailer.

Get Hired Hands to Help with the Moving

If you cannot handle the stress of the actual moving of the boxes and stuff by yourself, you can hire temporary moving helpers. These will simply help you with the lifting and movement for the period. Of course, it will also add some additional cost to you.

Ask for Help

You can try to get some help by asking your friends and family members to assist you. If they accept and do help you load the trucks, you may have to find help for the other leg of the journey, unless of course, they are kind enough to offer to go with you to the next location to assist with moving your stuff off the truck. When it comes to long distance moves, always ask for help!

After handling your long distance move yourself, you may actually save some money. The question will, however, be if it was worth it when looked at holistically. You will most certainly spend a lot of time on all the arrangements, your body will be very stressed and you may actually discover that what you thought you saved was not eventually worth the stress, strain to your health and wasted time.

What’s the alternative for long distance moves?

Get a professional moving company and save yourself unnecessary hassles. Interestingly, you can enjoy some savings if you handle the entire thing right. Here are a few things you can do to enjoy some savings.

Get Quotes from Several Companies

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Talk to a number of moving companies and get quotes from them. From the quotes you get, you can automatically begin to weed out those that are charging more than you are willing to spend.

Look at the Service Options Offered

Look at the different service options offered by the moving companies and decide which will work out cheapest for you. You may decide to go for cheap movers by the hour because it will work out to a cheaper total cost to you or you could go for a one-off fee or any other option that works out best for you.

Look at Your Moving Date

The day you decide to move may actually impact your cost. There are some days that are considered very busy days. If you choose to move on any of these peak days, expect to pay more than you would normally have. To cut down your cost, avoid moving on holidays, beginnings of the week, weekends, and other such days. You will have a higher chance of enjoying some discount if you move mid-month and mid-week that are not public holidays.

Check for Available Discounts

Take some time to search for discounts offered by any of the moving companies. You may just find a discount for long distance moves for which you qualify.

All in all, there is no doubt that going with a professional mover will save you time, energy and also ensure your stuff are moved with professionalism and safely. You should also carry out some check on any company you choose in a number of ways. One of these is checking with the American Moving and Storage Association here:

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