Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe Features “Budtenders” in West Hollywood, LA

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9 · 28 · 19
Lowell Farms: Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood

Over the past few decades, California has led the way in legalized marijuana. In August 2019, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood beacme the first of its kind in America. It may seem strange that there aren’t any restaurants that offer the ability to eat and drink THC-infused meals, particularly in California, but the truth is that it’s actually against the law everywhere. Somehow, Lowell Herb Co. found a way. While it isn’t exactly what the founders originally wanted, the two marijuana entrepreneurs Sean Black and David Elias have built a restaurant that serves food and allows the consumption of cannabis.

If you’re looking for the healthiest vape, Lowell Herb Co. rose to fame with their upscale, organic marijuana brand, which is sold in over 300 dispensaries. Their latest project is a tri-level restaurant and cannabis cafe called Lowell Farms, but the most interesting part of all is that the restaurant was once considered impossible due to state and federal laws. The founders of Lowell Herb Co. decided to split the businesses in two and create separate zones on their lot in West Hollywood. With a new consumption license, the cafe operated adjacent to a full kitchen, and patrons of the cafe have their food delivered to them.

While weed isn’t on the restaurant’s menu, you can buy cannabis products such as the healthiest vape carts, pre-rolled cigarettes, organic strains, edibles, and THC-infused cocktails. Unfortunately the kitchen’s food must remain “virgin” for now, but Chef Andrea Drummer has revealed a menu that is completely complementary to those who love to smoke and eat delicious food.

About the Cannabis Cafe

The restaurant already has a ton of A-list patrons, including Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson, Halsey, Paris Jackson, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Bella Thorne, Diplo, Mark Ronson, and many more. Some of their portraits hang on the “Wall of Fame,” which shows off those celebrities who fought the good fight for marijuana legalization. This includes portraits of David Bowie, Lenny Bruce, Snoop Dogg, and Miley Cyrus.

The restaurant and cafe are both designed to be a tribute to organic, sustainable lifestyles with rustic, reclaimed wood benches and chairs. You’ll find that the people here are after the healthiest vape, too, so all of their products are high-quality and organic. Even the silverware is reclaimed. The founders went through considerable lengths to ensure that their business used only green, sustainable practices in building the restaurant, as well as in their food and cannabis products. It’s something that Lowell Herb Co. is known for.

Attractions of the Cannabis Cafe

One of the main attractions at the cafe will be “cannoisseurs” and “budtenders,” who are experts on different strains and the history of their growth in America. There are also many high-end accessories to choose from when you decide on what cannabis to smoke. All of the ceramic pipes and bongs at Lowell Farms are made by the LA Company Miwak Junior or San Francisco’s Summerland.

You can also test out luxe vape pens before buying them at the budtender. The founders have stated that the goal is to educate and promote sustainable weed practices, too, and they believe that the WeHo location is perfect for weed tourism in Los Angeles. One of the main issues for weed tourism is that it’s not always legal to smoke in public parks, in a hotel, or even out on the street in some areas, which is why it’s safe to explore weed tourism in a beautiful setting like Lowell Farm’s cafe.

The tri-level Cannabis Cafe building has an open-air rooftop dining area that overlooks West Hollywood. The panoramic views are truly breathtaking. While you take in the sights, you can try different strains, order lunch, and simply relax with the healthiest vape available.

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